• Summer Opportunities

    Test Preparation- Whether you plan to enroll in college, graduate school, law school, or business school, we can help you realize your academic and educational goals. As the state's leading research institution, we recognize the importance of higher education and we want to help you achieve your goals. With preparation courses for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, Praxis, SAT, and ACT, we are South Carolina’s leading test prep solution. 

    Discovery Summer Program Finder (SPF)
    A "free resource for high school students, parents, counselors, teachers, or anyone else searching for summer opportunities at the high school level."


    Established, Structured Programs

    Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY)

    A 3-4 day seminar that "empowers high school sophomores to develop their leadership talents to become the leaders of their community" and "develops leadership from three perspectives: Personal Leadership, Group Leadership, and Leadership for Society."

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    National Student Leadership Conference

    National Student Leadership Conference

    "Since 1989, The National Student Leadership Conference has been the premier provider of career-focused leadership conferences. ... Each summer program helps students develop their own leadership potential while exploring some of today’s most exciting professions."

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