• Garden Club

    Sponsored by:  Mrs. Patsy Baker, Behavior Interventionist

    The South Conway Elementary Garden Club exposes kids to a variety of fruits and vegetables and encourages taste testing straight from the ground.  Kids will learn how to plant their own garden, choose which veggies to plant and learn the basics from prepping the soil to planting seeds and watering.  Kids will learn how to grow food in small spaces and use gardening and food activities to support learning objectives.  From planting a tiny seed to making a fresh salad, our Junior Garden Club connects children to food and their environment.  Please email Mrs. Baker with any questions.  pbaker@horrycountyschools.net


    Garden Club


    We transplanted 33 plants today and tended our growing cotton plants.  We also made scarecrows out of recycled materials.

    Plants          Planting cotton           Scarecrows

    Students were very proud of their Scarecrow Project!

    Scarecrow 1    Scarecrow 2    Scarecrow 3