Tardy Policy

  • Horry County Schools has adopted a Tardy to School Policy for middle schools across the county. The Tardy to School Policy is reserved for those students who arrive unexcused late to school. Any student arriving late to Myrtle Beach Middle due to HCS transportation delays will be excused. If there is a doctor's appointment or a doctor's note provided, it will be excused.

    The Tardy to School Policy is in place to ensure our students are maximizing their time during the instructional day. We will adhere to the policy set forth by Horry County Schools. Please see the attached Tardy to School Policy for details on all consequences. If you have any questions, you can contact any member of our Administration Team.


    HCS Middle School Tardy to School Policy

    Students should be in their first class, ready to begin working at 8:20 am each school day.Any student who is not in the building and through search by 8:20 will be marked tardy to school. Consequences for arriving tardy to school are as follows:

    1st offense: Verbal Warning and parent notification

    2nd offense: Verbal Warning/Parent Contact to make them aware of after school detention (and consequences for subsequent tardies)

    3rd through 5th offense: After School Detention/Parent Contact. A one hour after school detention assigned and supervised by school staff; assigned one week to be served the next week.

    Note: If students do not attend after-school detention consequences of ISS will result (step 7)

    6th offense: Suspended pending parent conference; possible revocation of waiver, if applicable.

    7th offense and beyond:

    7th - 1 day of ISS

    8th - 2 days of ISS

    9th - 1 day of OSS

    10th - 2 days of OSS

    11th - Evidentiary Hearing


    It is the responsibility of the student and the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) to provide timely pickup and transportation home from an after school tardy detention.

    Note: Accumulation of tardies will restart each semester