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    The School Improvement Council (SIC) is mandated by law and serves as an advisory group to the AMS principal and faculty. The SIC plays an important role in school improvement by bringing together parents, educators, and community stakeholders who work collectively to establish, monitor, and evaluate specific long-range goals (School Renewal Plan) for student achievement. Other duties include producing an annual report to parents which outlines the progress of the plan, and advising on the use of school incentive awards.


    2017-18 Officers:

    President- Britt Shelley

    Vice President- Brandy Graham

    Secretary- Stephanie Owens


    2017-18 members are:

    Britt Shelley

    Brandy Graham

    Stephanie Owens

    Sandy Davis

    Jeremy Johnson

    Charlene Kirby

    Shanda Allen

    Amy Dado

    Danielle Skipper

    Marie Holden

    Laura Sarvis

    John Williams

    Susan Powell

    Robbie Watkins