• Attendance Policies

    Attendance in middle school is counted on a class by class basis.  Students are not allowed to have more than 10 unexcused/unverified absences in each class.  Missing over 10 unexcused/unverified days in any class may result in class failure, summer school, or grade retention. 

    Student Absent Policy

    1.  On the day of return, the student must present a note to the attendance clerk during DEN.  Without a note, the absence is unverified. Doctor's notes must be verifiable, and they only excuse the time stated on the doctor's note.   

    The note should include the following:

    • Current date
    • Student's name
    • Date(s) of absence
    • Parent signature
    • Reason for absence
    • Parent's daytime phone number 

    Tardy and Late Arrival Policy

    Excused tardies will be issued for late busses, legal documents, or situations approved by the administration.  Students arriving at school after 8:15am must report immediately to the attendance clerk. Traffic is not considered an excuse for being tardy for non bus riders. A parent note does not excuse tardiness. The student will be given a class admittance slip.  

    In addition, we believe that a responsible student will be able to follow the bell schedule with ease, getting to class on time. Students are expected to be seated, have all instructional materials, and be ready for instruction when the class period begins.  

     Penalties for Tardies:

    • First Tardy - Warning
    • Second Tardy - Warning/Parent Contact
    • Third Tardy - Private Dining/Parent Contact
    • Fourth Tardy - Private Dining/Parent Contact
    • Fifth Tardy - Parent Contact, Referral to Administration, and Block of In-School Suspension
    • Sixth Tardy - Parent Contact, Referral to Administration, and 1/2 day of ISS
    • Seventh Tardy - Parent Contact, Referral to Administration, and full day of ISS

    **Tardies start over at the beginning of second semester.**

    Early Checkout Policy 

    1.During DEN bring a note signed by a parent to the Attendance Clerk. Include the reason and time the student is leaving early. The student will be issued an Early Dismissal Pass. 

    2. When the student returns the next day, a note (from the parent or doctor) must be given to the attendance clerk explaining the absence of the previous day.

     3.  Students signed out by persons other than their parents/guardians or approved emergency contacts must have written permission from the parent or guardian and administration verification.

    In no case may a student leave the school grounds unless he/she has been properly signed out in the attendance office by a parent or legal guardian or by the principal, assistant principal, or someone officially designated by one of them. A parent who has transferred legal guardianship of a student to another party may not sign the student out. Additionally, the office may not interrupt a student’s class except in the case of an emergency, so  classrooms cannot be called to get a student out early.  


    Questions please contact our attendance clerk.