• Safety and Emergency Measures

    Security Measures

    Black Water Middle aims to provide the safest learning environment possible for our students. The first instrument in use is the driver's license/I.D. card scanner located at the front desk. This requires ALL adults to provide their driver's license or state identification card to be scanned prior to admission to the building. Along with the front office changes, we also will be using metal detectors on a random basis, and we fully believe this is a worthwhile step in our safety plan.  

    Emergency Drills

    The signal for a fire evacuation will be a loud buzzing of the fire alarm. When this signal is sounded, all students and staff will stop all work and walk-in line out of the building through the nearest exit to designated safe zones. Students will remain with their entire class until the signal is given to reenter the building. Teachers will check roll and all students are required to be silent during the drill.

    The signal to move to tornado safety areas will be an announcement over the PA system. All students and staff will go immediately to designated safety areas and take the tornado safety position on the floor.

    It is extremely important for all students to remain quiet and orderly during emergency drills. Panic and confusion during an emergency can cause injuries or fatalities.

    Teachers will inform students of the designated exits and safety areas that their class will use.