• School Entry System

    Press "Call" Button

    For safety and security purposes, a remotely activated entry system has been installed. To be granted entry into the building, please press the “call” button on the intercom panel beside the far right front entry door.  The receptionist will answer and give you instructions for entering. You may be required to show identification before you are admitted into the building. Thank you for your cooperation as we work together to keep our school safe. 


    Due to COVID restrictions, vistors are not allowed at this time.


    Visitor Information

    We welcome and enjoy having our parents visit the school.  ALL VISITORS MUST REPORT TO THE OFFICE, SIGN IN and PUT ON A VISITOR’S PASS before going to any area of the building. 

    Visitors will need to produce their Driver’s License to receive a pass.  This helps us maintain a safe environment and, in the event of an emergency, allows us to account for everyone on campus. 

    We request that parents make an appointment to visit a classroom.  The intent is to help ensure that nothing interferes with the allocated time for instruction or violates any testing situation. 

    If you would like a conference with the principal or a teacher, please call the school for an appointment.  That will give staff an opportunity to prepare for your visit and to be expecting you and ready to receive you without delay. 

    Younger children, friends, or students from other schools will not be allowed to spend the day in a classroom. 

    We hope to see you often!!