• Personal Devices District Policy

    Cell Phones, Pagers, and Other Electronic Devices

    Students may not use cell phones, IPods, cameras, handheld games, or other electronic devices to interfere with instruction or school activities, or send inappropriate messages, recordings, broadcasts, or images. All of the above-mentioned equipment must be turned off and be out of sight while at school. The use of these devices is restricted to before and after school hours (before 7am and after 3pm). Devices are never to be used in any area in which an individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy including, but not limited to, restrooms, locker rooms, and showers. In the event of a violation, school personnel are authorized to take the device from the student but will return the device to the parent/guardian. The school or District assumes no responsibility for any damaged, lost, or stolen devices.


    HCS District Policy