• Reflection Room

    Discipline Policy

    We believe students should conduct themselves appropriately at all times and should be held responsible for their actions.  Behavior should not prevent teachers from teaching or students from learning.  In order to encourage good behavior and maintain an environment conducive to learning, procedures are necessary.

    In an effort to achieve consistency, school-wide lifeskills and lifelong guidelines are posted.  These are the expectations that we follow as a community and they are listed, posted, discussed, practiced, and reinforced throughout the school year. 

    Discipline is based on the frequency and the level of severity of the behavior. 

    The Horry County Schools Student Parent Student Guide has additional information on expectations for student behavior and information regarding the District’s Student Behavior Code. 

    Students who do not observe behavior guidelines will be subject to the following consequences:

        Classroom Level

    • Review/Clarification of expected behavior by the teacher
    • Verification of the student’s ability to understand and comply with the expected behavior
    • Seat/schedule change
    • Time out or loss of privileges
    • Parent Contact
    • Behavior Contract
    • Referral to Counselor/Administration

       Office Level Referral

    • Complete a Reflection Form
    • Administrator/ Student Conference
    • Time in Life Skills Room (In School Suspension) – Parents Notified
    • Out of School Suspension – Parents Notified
    • Overnight Suspension with Parent Conference the next morning – Parents Notified
    • Suspension /Expulsion Pending Hearing – Parents Notified