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    4-Year-Old Child Development Screening

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your child must be 4 on or before September 1, 2018, to be served in the 4-Year-Old CD Program in 2019.

    Q:  What happens after I register?

    A: When you register you will sign up for a different date & time to bring your child back to take a child friendly test. At the time of testing we ask you to fill out some paperwork.  While you are filling out the papers, a Child Development teacher will be testing your child in a nearby room.

    Q:  What happens after the testing day?

    A: The teacher will submit the test and paperwork you filled out to the District Office.  The results will be processed and you will receive a letter in the summer letting you know whether your child has a spot in the class or whether they are on the waiting list.  

    Q:  Is it true that if my child is smart or “knows a lot” they won’t get in?

    A:  The requirements for the 4K program are set by the South Carolina Department of Education.  The program is for the most at-risk students and students are placed in the program according to their need.  Students who are the most in need of services prior to Kindergarten will be placed in the program first. 

    Q:  What happens next if I receive a letter that my child will be in the class?

    A: You will be contacted by your child’s teacher by the third week in August when teachers return to work once the teacher gets their class list.  The teacher will call you to set up a date for a home visit, in which the teacher will make sure all documents are up to date and meet your child. Meeting the child at their home helps them feel more comfortable when beginning school. When August comes, don’t worry when you don’t hear anything in the first couple of weeks. It will take a while for the teacher to get her class list and make arrangements in order to call you and schedule a home visit.

    Q:  What happens next if I receive a letter that my child will be on the wait list?

    A: If your child is on the wait list and a student in the class moves or withdraws, your child may have the opportunity to begin the program later in the year. Child Development students can be selected from the wait list until May. If an opening becomes available and your child is next on the wait list, you will be notified by the teacher.  

    Q:  When can someone go over my child’s assessment results?

    A: You may contact the school where your child was tested after school begins in August to schedule an appointment with a Child Development teacher to go over the results of your child’s assessment.

    Q:  If my child is on the CD waiting list, can I find out how far down the list he or she is?

    A: No.  Waiting list information may change daily as children move, transfer or are screened; therefore, we do not give out waiting list information.

    Q:  What should I do if my child is screened at one school and we move to a different address that is in another attendance area?

    A: If you still live in Horry County, go to the school in the new attendance area and provide proof of residency.  Tell the school your child has been screened for CD at another school and ask them to notify the district office so your child may be placed on the waiting list at the new school.  Make sure you provide an updated phone number and home address.