• Equipment Contract

    Carolina Forest High School

    Broadcast Journalism

    Student Equipment Checkout Release Form

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    This release is for the Fall 2012 Semester

    Carolina Forest High School Broadcast Journalism equipment may be checked out under the following conditions:

    1.  Only current Broadcast Journalism students may checkout and use video equipment.  Equipment may only be used for class related purposes and not by anyone other than the student who checked out the equipment.
    2. Students must sign out the equipment in the appropriate location in the classroom.
    3. Reasonable care of the checked out equipment should always be exercised (protection from theft, loss or damage).
    4. All damaged equipment must be reported upon check in.  Student failing to do so will forfeit the use of the equipment in the future.
    5. In the event loss, theft or damage due to negligence on the part of the student arrangements will be made with the parent/guardian for repair or replacement.
    6. Equipment may be checked out at the end of the school day and must be returned the following morning by 8:20 am to the Broadcast Studio.  An exception to this rule is equipment checked out over the weekend whereas it must be returned the following Monday before 8:20 am.  If the student does not return the equipment when they are suppose to a parent will be notified to bring the equipment to school as soon as possible.
    7. As a policy, equipment will not be provided for use over holidays or extended periods of time.

    By signing this form, my son/daughter and I understand that he/she is expected to be responsible in the use of checked out video equipment and to exercise proper care.  If the equipment is lost or damaged due to his/her negligence, I /we will cover the reasonable cost of repair or replacement in a timely manner.

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