Your first resource for your questions.

    Q: When do we meet?

    A: While we play all year, during the fall we have club days on Wednesday that are open to everyone. These are fun, involved chances to learn the game.  In the spring, we focus on forming a travel competition team and practices are 3-4 days a week.

    Q: How much are dues?

    A: Dues are $5 for the entire year, whether you join in the fall or in the spring.  This is to cover new discs, pinnies, cones, and the other materials we go through during the season.

    Q: Who is welcome to join the club?

    A: Any student attending Carolina Forest, an Academy, Early College, or Scholars is welcome to be a part of the club. Until other school programs come online, students from other schools are welcome to join us as well.

    Q: Do I need a physical to play?

    A: No.  As this is a club and not a SC High School League recognized sport, we have students sign a waiver.

    Q: What do I need to play?

    A: The required gear is pretty simple: shoes, clothes you don't mind getting dirty, and a positive work ethic.  For the competition team, cleats are required as are the purchase of team jerseys.

    Q: Is there a Facebook page?

    A: We do have a Facebook group.  Participants are welcome to look for the group Ultimate Frisbee @ CFHS.  Last minute updates, instructional videos, and other Ultimate related items are posted there frequently.