• Membership Requirements


    • must have completed 2 high school college preparatory math credits (including Algebra 1 and Geometry) with at least one of them earned in high school; 
    • math average must be a B or above;
    • must take 1 math course every year in high school;
    • willing to tutor at least 4 hours per school year; 
    • willing to participate in Mu Alpha Theta fundraisers; 
    • must attend at least 4 meetings per school year; 
    • must perform a minimum of 20 hours of community service annually.

    Applications may be picked up at Mrs. Beattie's room, G 109, or completed online. There will be a meeting for all current members and interested students on Monday, August 29th.  The first tutoring session will begin on Wednesday, September 7th.