• South Caroline CHE Scholarships including Life, Hope, Palmetto Fellows   www.che.sc.gov/  


    For Additional Scholarship opportunities also check with resources such as any colleges you are applying to, community organizations, churches, employer, parent's employers, and internet resources such as:    https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/   https://www.fastweb.com/                     https://www.collegeweeklive.com/scholarships    https://www.scholarships.com/             https://www.cappex.com/                      http://fidmscholarshipfoundation.org/en/SCHOLARSHIP+INFO/



     Seniors    The Friends of the Carolina Forest Library Scholarship  $1,000  The Friends of the Carolina Forest Library   Deadline April 1st


    Seniors  Horry County Schools Teacher Scholarship for  Seniors who aspire to be educators   Deadline March 1st

    HCS Teacher Scholarship



    Seniors  Sun News Scholarship /  Mark and Nancy Gardner Leadership Scholarship   Deadline March 29, 2019

    Seniors who have made a significant impact through their overall participation in school and in their community




    Seniors  Conway Fine Arts Club Scholarship   Deadline May 1st, 2019

    2019 Conway Fine Arts Club Scholarship



    Seniors        Joye Law Firm Scholarship Program $2,000 scholarship    deadline April 1, 2019

    Application includes drawing or designing an "Infographic"  from your topic of choice among options listed in application.

    Application and details available at  Joye Law Firm scholarship application


    Seniors  SAE Engineering Scholarships  BMW/SAE Scholarship   deadline March 15, 2019 


    Seniors   FBi Construction Scholarship      Deadline April 1, 2019

    Up to four scholarships of $1,000 to a student entering a course of study in the construction industries field with the goal of finding employment in a career allied with the construction industry. This career could range from construction management or civil engineering to architecture to accounting.  Qualifications: 1. Reside in one of the following counties: Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Georgetown, Horry, Marion, Marlboro, or Williamsburg. 2. Be accepted to an accredited institution of higher education. 3. Desire to pursue a degree or professional certificate in a construction related industry. 4. Demonstrate financial need. 5. Maintain a GPA of at least 2.5 or better           2019 FBi Applicant Data   2019 FBi Reference Form  2019 FBi Scholarship Application



    Seniors of Italian/American heritage       Son's and Daughters of Italy      $2,500    Deadline April 30, 2019

    *Application packet will be attached/available soon here


     Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors    South Carolina Business Week   Application deadline April 30, 2019

    4 scholarships - 3 of which student must attend an in-state college/university.  Scholarship application required after acceptance for SC Business Week program which is July 21-26th  visit website SC Business Week for information     FLyer:   SC Business Week 2019


    Seniors       SC Education Association-Retired Scholarship       deadline March 15, 2019

    $1,000 scholarship to a 4 year SC college/university      Must pursue a career in education;  demonstrate leadership and financial need   

      2019 SCEA-Retired Scholarship


    Seniors Sylvia Kitchen Memorial Nursing Scholarship  Deadline April 2, 2019  request transcript by March 25th

    Up to $1,000 per semester renewable upon academic review

    In memory of Sylvia Kitchen, former Vice-President of Nursing for Loris Healthcare System to promote the profession of nursing

    Eligibility:  Meet criteria to be considered part time or full time student and/or meet criteria for an accredited nursing program

    Currently enrolled or be eligible to be enrolled in LPN or RN nursing program Reside in 40 mile radius of McLeod Loris or McLeod Seacoast

    Have 3.0 GPA or appropriate work experience unless extenuating circumstances are approved by the committee

    Must submit application form, an essay, 3 letters of recommendation, and upon request must complete an interview

     2019 McLeod Health Foundation Sylvia Kitchen Memorial Nursing Scholarship



    Seniors    DWCHC Scholarship  Democratic Women's Council of Horry County Scholarship   

    1,000-1,500 word essay, must be submitted, in Microsoft Word format, via e-mail by deadline of April 5, 2019



    Senior females  SCCAWS Scholarships  Due March 18, 2019 

    South Carolina Coaches Association of Women’s Sports and Trophies by “M”    Medical Scholarship
    South Carolina Coaches Association of Women’s Sports Educator’s Scholarship
    Please visit our CAWS website to download the two scholarship application forms. www.sccaws.org. The link can be found under the “more” tab.                                                    Applications are due to CFHS Counseling office- Amy Meehan or A house Kristen Harton by March 18th, 2019



    Seniors   St. Andrew Catholic School Scholarship        Deadline March 31st                                                                                                               $1,000.00 for 2019 Horry County high school graduates who are St. Andrew Catholic School alumni.    2019 St. Andrews Scholarship                                                    A GPA of 3.25 or higher   Must be a graduate of St. Andrew Catholic School  Must show commitment to service                                                                                    Must be an active member of a Catholic Parish or another Faith community
    Must provide three letters of recommendation* from:  1. Pastor of Church applicant attends 2. A current teacher  3. St. Andrew School staff member
    2019 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. scholarship - female seniors. The deadline is February 22, 2019.  postmarked by 5:00 p.m.

     The sorority will issue scholarships in the amount of $1,000. To qualify, the student must meet the following guidelines:

     1.      African-American female high school senior; 2.      Horry County resident and U.S. citizen; 3.      A student who has demonstrated an exceptional measure of character,  scholarship, leadership, and service;  4.      A student who plans to attend either a two or four college or university;  5.      A student who has limited financial resources’ and/or extenuating circumstances.    Delta Sigma Theta Scholarship


    Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program      Scholarship Deadline   -  June 14, 2019.                                                                               Up to $1,000   Students will submit an essay on the topic that appears on the scholarship page of web site:  http://www.abbottandfenner.com/scholarships.htm         


     Student View scholarship   deadline April 22, 2019                                                                                                                                                                     * NO minimum SAT or ACT score      * NO minimum grade point average  * NO lengthy, time-consuming paperwork  * NO essays  * NO application fees Simply complete a 15-25 minute online survey about local colleges. You will then be automatically entered into a random drawing for a scholarship award.


    Seniors SO Ambitious Scholarship   Deadline April 15, 2019                                                                                                                                              “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” In a two to three-page essay, define what equality means to you. Also, explain how you think inequality could hinder you from reaching your goals or a time that you were treated unequal. How will (did) you overcome these adversities? In addition to the essay, you are required to have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.7 to apply  So Ambitious Scholarship 2018-2019 



    Seniors        BigSun Scholarship        Deadline June 19, 2019

    The BigSun Organization is proud to be able to continue to help young athletes succeed in their academic pursuits. We are offering an annual scholarship to a deserving student. All student athletes are eligible for this award, regardless of which sport they are participating in. Their participation may be in any capacity, whether as a player, coach or official.        Amount of Award  -        $500.00          The successful applicant will be a high school senior or be attending a post secondary institute and currently involved in some sport at that institution or in the community.. Please visit   http://www.bigsunathletics.com to learn how to apply.


    So Ambitious Military Aspirations - ASVAB prep 


    Seniors  SCAD  Savannah College of Art and Design   Scholarship up to $20,000 per year   Deadline Feb 1, 2019                               apply at http://scad.edu/apply   SCAD Scholarships


    Seniors  Tidelands Hosipce Foundation Mary Atmar Johnson Scholarship   Deadline March 4, 2019                                                      For students pursuing collee degree in the field of Nursing or Social Work    http://www.tidelandshospice.org/upcoming-events         Tidelands Hospice Mary Atmar Johnson Scholarship



    Seniors   Beach Ball Classic Scholarship        http://www.beachballclassic.com/scholarship/   Deadline Feb. 28th                                                             Senior student athletes who excel in athletics and academics.  Transcript and recommendations required



    Juniors and Seniors   “B. Davis Scholarship”       The deadline for applications is May 24, 2019                                                                                      The creators of the “Student Award Search Aid” website are offering a scholarship for 2019.                                                                                                              Please visit website http://www.studentawardsearch.com/scholarships.htm   While you’re there, please browse through the rest of the site to learn more about applying for scholarships.   

    General Information The generosity of our site sponsors have allowed us to offer a scholarship to help the students who visit our site. The winner(s) of this ...

      Amount of Scholarship:  $1,000    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact  awards@studentawardsearch.com



    Seniors  2019-20 AIA Grand Strand Architecture Scholarship    Deadline Aug2, 2019                                                                            $1000 for student attending NAAB accredited architectural school and enrolled in a licensure track Architecture Program  in the fall of 2019                                      2018-19 AIA Scholarship Application


    Seniors       Horry Electric Cooperative Scholarship  (WIRE-Women Involved in Rural Electrification)               Deadline March 1st   Applicant must be a consumer or dependent of a consumer of Horry Electric Cooperative, Inc    Applicant must be attending Coastal Carolina or Horry Georgetown Technical College Awards for one academic year for an entering freshman.  $750 award for Fall and additional $750 for spring contingent on meeting GPR 
    requirement of 2.5 at the end of first semester of college. All applications must be received by Horry Electric’s WIRE group by March 1st.                                                                      Please request transcript from CFHS counselor by Feb. 12th to ensure enough time to process.


    Seniors       Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce          Deadline Feb. 6th  to Kristen Harton(A house) or Amy Meehan (main Counseling office)    2019 Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship  2019 MBACC


    Seniors   NAFEPA  2019 NAFEPA                   Deadline must be received to address in application by January 18th                                                    4 different scholarships- 2 are specifically for students pursuing education, the other two are not limited to education degrees


      Seniors        Harry Hampton Wildlife Fund Scholarships      Deadline January 31, 2019

     Harry Hampton Scholarship-    SC seniors who wish to further education in natural resource disciplines, such as wildlife biology, fisheries biology, forestry, marine science, or environmental science in a SC institution.   *4 year $5,000 scholarship   Must maintain GPR of 2.5 or higher

     Wallace Pate Scholarship-SC seniors who wish to further education in natural resource disciplines, such as wildlife biology, fisheries biology, forestry, marine science, or environmental science in a SC institution. *one time award of $2500

    (May apply for both Harry Hampton and Wallace Pate on same application but only eligible to be awarded one of the two)

     David M Cline Scholarship For SC seniors who wish to further education in natural resource disciplines,  law enforcement/criminal justice, forensic science in a SC institution.    *one-time award $2,000

     James O Thomason Scholarship–    For SC seniors pursuing education in print or photo journalism, advertising, public relations, or mass communications in a SC institution     4 year $2000 scholarship if maintain GPR 2.5 or higher

     Deadline for scholarships listed above:   January 31, 2019   to

    Hampton Fund Scholarships               PO Box 2641     Columbia, SC 29202

    Please request an official transcript from your guidance counselor or Mrs. Cannon  by January 20

    Applications available at www.HamptonWildlifeFund.org/scholarship.html

    You may also email jim.goller@hamptonwildlifefund.org or  call 803-600-1570


    Seniors    South Carolina State Fair Scholarship     SC State Fair Scholarship   applications will be open in Feb. 2019


    Seniors:                   WACE Scholarships                     Deadline Feb. 15, 2019                                                                           Qualifications;  Have a GPA of 3.5 or better on 4.0 scale; Apply and be accepted at one of the WACE Partner Institutions;  Clarkson University, State University of New York Oswego, Drexel University,  University of Cincinnati,  Johnson & Wales University,  University of Massachusetts Lowell,  The University of Toledo,  Rochester Institute of Technology,  Wentworth Institute of Technology     Application and essay at www.waceinc.org 



    FIDM   Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising  Scholarship Competition    Deadline March 29, 2019                          8 full one-year scholarships                                        Merchandising & Marketing        Beauty Marketing & Product Development   Fashion Design   Graphic Design                                                              Interior Design   Social Media                  Visual Communications             Merchandise Product Development           Apparel Industry Managementhttp://fidm.edu/en/admissions/financial+aid/scholarships/national+scholarship+competition


     Seniors  Carolina Trust Federal Credit Union and HTC, Inc.  Deadline Feb 28th

    Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to two rising college freshmen attending either Coastal Carolina University or Francis Marion University for their four-year degree. The scholarships may be renewed for three consecutive years in the amount of $500 per year  Key Scholarship Carolina Trust, HTC,






    Seniors                   AES Engineers Scholarship                 Deadline   October 6th 2018

     $500     This scholarship is not intended just for Engineering students.

     Submit essay at http://www.aesengineers.com/scholarships.php



    Senior  Athletes              Wendy's Heisman                     Deadline October 17th, 2018

    Seniors who excel in athletics, academics, and leadership- applications are available at http://www.wendyshighschoolheisman.com



    Seniors          Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans          Deadline October 25th 

    $6,000- $25,000       https://scholars.horatioalger.org/scholarships/ 



    9-12th Grade      The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards                    Deadline November 6th, 2018

    Students (grades 9-12)  who have performed volunteer work in the past year could win up to $1,000 and a trip to Washington DC in May by applying for a Prudential Spirit of Community Award!  

    Students apply online at http://spirit.prudential.com   or  www.nassp.org/spirit

        1. Click on the APPLY NOW link and follow instructions

        2.  Once you have completed app, go to the CERTIFICATION page to either email certification instructions 

            to your certifier, or to print them out and hand deliver them.   The certification must be done by                     November 6th, 2018 and may be your school principal, or the head of one of these officially designated             local organizations:  a county 4-H  group, Girl Scout council, American Red Cross Chapter, YMCA, or               affiliate of HandsOn Network

    3.  Before submitting your application, you and your parent or guardian must complete the student-parent



    Seniors-   Winthrop University Scholarship Audition Dates- Dept of Theatre and Dance

    Audition dates October 20, 2018  and Feb 16, 2019 register at http://www.winthrop.edu/cvpa/theatredance/ or call 803-323-2287




    Seniors    Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship     Deadline November 15, 2018    Myrtle Beach Lodge   Critieria judged on Leadership, Scholarship, Financial Need   Online at enf.elks.org/mvs


    Seniors                 S.C. Junior Golf Foundation                   Deadline November 28, 2018                               GPA 2.75 on 4.0 scale plan to attend 4 year college/university in SC   https://www.scholarshipprograms.org/golf/



    Seniors            CERRA SC Teaching Fellows Scholarship      Deadline  December 1st, 2018

    Seniors interested in becoming educators in SC - The SC Teaching Fellows Scholarship Program online application is now available on the CERRA website.  Visit http://cerra.org/teachingfellows/application.aspx  for a short video and application process.  Students may receive up to $24,000 over 4 years to become SC educators.   The deadline for submission of all application materials (including recommendations, SAT/ACT scores, transcripts, etc.) is December 1st       CERRA Teaching Fellows Application


    Seniors interested in attending University of Dayton, a top tier Catholic school in Dayton, Ohio

    Please see your counselor by December 1st to be nominated for their Leadership in Service Scholarship


    Seniors        Clemson University- Lyceum Scholars Program         Priority deadline Dec. 10th, 2018

    $10,000 scholarships - unviersity-based academic program dedicated to exploring the moral, political, and economic foundations of a free society   https://capitalism.sites.clemson.edu/lyceum.html



    Seniors SC Association of Educational Office Professionals  Marian Garrett Scholarship Application            Deadline December 1st, 2018   Applicants must complete a SCAEOP Scholarship Application form; write a one-page biographical sketch on “Why I Chose a Career in Business”, submit letters of recommendation and official transcript 2018 SCAEOP Marianna Garrett Scholarship   Business Class Certification


    Seniors          SCAEOP Member Dependent Scholarship          Deadline December 1st, 2018                       Applicant must be a graduating high school senior and child or grandchild of an “active, retired, or life” member of SCAEOP Applicants must complete a SCAEOP Scholarship Application form; write a one-page essay on “How your education has contributed to who you are today”. Secure three letters of recommendation and submit official transcript  SCAEOP Member Dependent Scholarship   Business Class Certification


    Seniors          SCAEOP   Student Scholarship               Deadline December 1st, 2018                                  Applicants must complete a SCAEOP Scholarship Application form; write a one-page essay on “What career have you chosen to pursue and why”. Secure three letters of recommendation and submit official transcript  SCAEOP Student Scholarship  Business Class Certification



     9-12th Grade Female Students    NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing                                       Deadline:  November 5, 2018         https://www.aspirations.org/

    The NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing honors young women at the high-school level for their computing-related achievements and interests. Awardees are selected for their computing and IT aptitude, leadership ability, academic history, and plans for post-secondary education                                                                                          Applicants should have a demonstrated outstanding aptitude, interest in IT/computing and demonstrated leadership ability;   typically a GPA of 3.0 or higher;  post-secondary education plans

    Students from groups underrepresented in computing and current Juniors/Seniors are strongly encouraged to apply.      There are awards and paid trips at both regional and national levels






    The Annie O. Singleton Scholarship due April 26th to K Harton

    Metric Scholarship Due April 15th

     MB Woman's Club Scholarship deadline April 18th 2018

     Horatio Alger Scholarship Due June 15, 2018  - Students who plan to pursue and complete a career or technical program (up to 2 years) at an accredited non-profit post-secondary institution in the United States



     Whittemore High School Alumni Association’s annual scholarship information. Please remember that these scholarships are open to any graduating student who is a relative / descendant of a Whittemore High School alumnus.   Whittemore Park Alumni Associates Scholarship Due April 1, 2018 

    Dennis Brian Latimer Scholarship deadline April 1, 2018

     2018 Sheriff Foundation of Horry County Scholarship due April 20

    Twanza Sanders Legacy Scholarship deadline April 15th

    2018 Distinguished Young Women Scholarship Deadline April 21st 2018

      Sun News Scholarship due March 23, 2018

    http://www.solidwasteauthority.org/docs/enviroscholarship2017-2018.pdf due March 9



     African American Network of the Carolinas  Due March 3rd 2018

     Foundation for the Carolinas Scholarship page

     Coastal Carolina University Scholarships

      Horry County Farm Bureau Scholarship for seniors, parents must be members of Farm Bureau  Due April 20, 2018






     Seniors    Coastal Carolina Merit Scholarships    Deadline March 1st     



     First-time Freshmen Merit Awards


    Award Covers

           In-State Award Amount

         Out-of-State Resident Award Amount


     Presidential Award Scholarship

    60% of full-time tuition




     President's Scholar Award

    45% of full-time tuition




     Provost's Scholar Award

    35% of full-time tuition




     Coastal Scholar Award

    25% of full-time tuition




     Teal Scholar Award

    15% of full-time tuition




     South Carolina Scholar Award*

    10% of full-time tuition




     Visual and Performing Arts Award†

    25% of full-time tuition




     PGA Golf Management Trustee Award‡

    45% of full-time tuition




     PGA Golf Management University Award‡

    25% of full-time tuition




     PGA Golf Management Wall Award‡

    20% of full-time tuition




    See more at: http://www.coastal.edu/meritawards/#sthash.8xOfRUhj.dpuf


    CCU Horry County Higher Education Commission Scholarships   Deadline March 1st 

    Applications available online:   http://www.coastal.edu/admissionsaid/scholarships/hchecscholarships/ 

         HCHEC Leadership Scholarship  $2500 anually honors students with a distinguished record of community service, leadership, volunteerism, and    

          academic excellence        http://www.coastal.edu/financialaid/abs/e001/

        HCHEC War and Society Scholarship $2500 annually for students who plan to major or minor in history or neighboring disciplines in the humanities.

          Preference will be given  to applicants who plan to integrate their interest in war and society into their academic program and subsequent careers.

         Study of War and Society Requirements: -        See more at: http://www.coastal.edu/financialaid/abs/e030/#sthash.qm4u8Ts2.dpuf

        HCHEC Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship  $2500 annually honors students with exceptional talent in art, graphic design, music, dramatic arts, musical

         theater, and theater      http://www.coastal.edu/media/administration/financialaid/pdffiles/forms/2017hchecvpaapplication.pdf  

        HCHEC Hardship and Adversity Scholarship $2500 annually- for students who have persevered through hardship and/or adversity. - See more at:                





    Seniors   AMDA     New York City or Las Angeles Campus      $1,000-$18,000  annual scholarship  visit  amda.edu for more for audition  dates/ locations and programs information


    Seniors  Lander University Music Scholarships      $500-$2500    visit  go.lander.edu/music  Upcoming audition dates Sept 30th,  Nov 18th,  Feb. 24th,  March 24th   




     $1000 scholarship  Due Friday May 5th The Annie O Singleton Scholarship Application2017.docx

    SC Palmetto Fellows Scholarship. At Charleston Southern University all South Carolina Palmetto Fellow Scholars can attend with full tuition coverage for four years. Over four years, this a total scholarship of over $99,200. In addition, Palmetto Fellow Scholars may qualify for CSU’s Honors Program where they will be challenged and given the opportunity to form close relationships with their professors that can last the rest of their life!

    Got your attention? Want more information? Check us out online at www.CharlestonSouthern.edu.

    9th-12th grade   2017 Law Day Essay Contest openThe South Carolina Bar's Senior Lawyers Division's 2017 Law Day Essay Contest is open now. TEach student participant must write an essay of 1,000 words or less on this topic: Why is the Fourteenth Amendment important to America's aspirational ideal that all citizens are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?    For more information and submission requirements:  https://www.scbar.org/lawyers/sections-committees-divisions/senior-lawyers-division/law-day-essay-contest/

    Essays must be submitted by  April 6, 2017    


    Seniors   The Rev. Don Steins Memorial Scholarship $1000 

    Participation at Kingston Presbyterian Church or other church    Stiens Scholarship application 2017.docx    due April 26, 2017  


    Seniors       Grand Strand Running Club

    Grand Strand Running Scholarship for $1,000

    *Horry County Senior who participates in cross-country , track, and/or involved in non-school sponsored running events;  active in the community;  involved in other extracurricular activities at school;  demonstrates leadership qualities as indicated by letters of recommendation, and must have

    2.5 weighted GPA.

    Deadline is April 1, 2017 (week ofSpring Break)   Please request official transcript from guidance by March 18th

    Application link:  http://www.grandstrandrunning.com/wp-content/uploads/2017-app.pdf


    AFCEA     Educational Foundation Scholarships


    Please read the information listed with each scholarship/program to determine eligibility and individual q ualifications. High school students are not eligible to apply. Apply for one scholarship only. Scholarship awards are subject to availability of funding. Scholarship awards are restricted to use for tuition and mandatory educational fees.Undergraduate applicants must be a second-year college student enrolled as a sophomore or junior in a four-year institution at the time of application. A current overall GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale is required. Freshman and senior college students are ineligible to apply.      

    ROTC ScholarshipsROTC scholarships, ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 each, are awarded to students enrolled full-time in C4I-related major and other specific related areas of study.    STEM Teacher Scholarships  Competitive-based scholarships of $2,500 up to $5,000 each are available to students actively pursuing a graduate degree or credential/licensure for the purpose of teaching science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) subjects at a U.S. middle or secondary school. The scholarships are made possible by generous contributions from Booz Allen Hamilton, AFCEA International and several of AFCEA’s regional chapters.Learn more.     STEM Major Scholarships    Applicants will be considered for all AFCEA STEM Major scholarship opportunities for which they qualify. Applications will be accepted from current eligible undergraduate level students majoring in STEM fields to include cybersecurity, intelligence and homeland security-related disciplines. Online programs are eligible.Learn more.


    Andrade Law Firm Scholarship 

    The scholarship addresses societial impacts on the decision to drink and drive. Contest information can be seen here: www.andradelawoffices.com/scholarship . The firm is offering $1,750 in prizes.

    The scholarship is now open, and entries are due by May 1, 2017. 

    Students ages 16-25    Kids Chance of SC Scholarship 

    For students who have a parent or legal guardian who sustained a fatal or serious work related injury. 

    GPA of 2.0 and maintain a GPA of 2.5 to renew each semester.     www.kidschancesc.org   Deadline for fall semester is June 30, 2017

    Seniors- Low Country Herb Society Scholarship $2,000    

    Submit essay describing future career plans, program of study and interest in herbs.

     Essays must be turned in to Kristen Harton or Melissa Cannon by ** Deadline extended  April 18, 2017.




    The Seacoast Artists Guild is offering a $1,000 Scholarship as a one-time (not renewable) for a senior planning to attend an institution of higher learning and major in Visual Art (Art History, Art Education, or one of the studio arts).  The student must have been accepted by a college, university, or art school and will be enrolling as a freshman in 2017.  This award, sent directly to the college, will be applied to the tuition costs and fees of the student.  The Guild has no preference as to where the student plans to attend school as long as it is a legitimate or accredited institution of higher learning.  The student should demonstrate artistic excellence as demonstrated by written recommendation by his/her art teacher/s, special awards, or recognition and have an academic record showing potential to succeed in higher learning.   Deadlinen April 30th Please email Ms. Harton for a copy of the application. 



    Seniors- The Myrtle Beach/Grand Strand Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association will offer a $1,000 scholarship to a graduate of Horry County Schools entering Virginia Tech in the fall of 2017.  Deadline for the application is May 12, 2017.  Please contact Beth Fife (bfife@horrycountyschools.net) or Andy Kiracofe (akiracofe@horrycountyschools.net) for the scholarship application and/or additional information.

    South Carolina Association of Extension Administrative Professionals (SCAEAP) 

    Students that are planning to pursue a career in the secretarial science, computer science or business management field to submit their application 

    https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/90ae3f8c-f8fa-4f3a-bea5-afda21c54a84    must be postmarked by March 24th 

    ArborOne Farm Credit Tom S. Welsh scholarship for school seniors planning to attend a 2 or 4 year institution and pursuing a career in an agriculture-related field. Eligibility requirements are that they live or own property in one of the 12 counties served by ArborOne Farm Credit:  Chesterfield, Clarendon, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Georgetown, Horry, Marion, Marlboro, Lee, Sumter, or Williamsburg in addition to what I listed above about career/major path. 

    Applications are due by March 31st; decisions are announced by April 17th.The application can also be found online at www.arborone.com, but it must be submitted either via U.S. mail or in person to our office at 800 Woody Jones Boulevard in Florence. 

    South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers' Foundation (SCLEOF) will award $7,000 in Scholarships in 2017 to 3 graduating high school seniors, along with 3 FBI LEEDA Scholarships for officers. The SCLEOF is the training and educational subsidiary of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers' Association (SCLEOA), South Carolina's oldest and largest professional association.  SCLEOA has been the Voice of Law Enforcement in South Carolina since 1941. Today, nearly 7,000 officers, representing every rank in municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies, comprise the membership of our association.

    The SCLEOF will award one $3,000 scholarship and two $2,000 scholarships to high school seniors in the coming year. One of the $2,000 scholarships will be awarded to the child of an SCLEOA member. The SCLEOF will award 3 FBI LEEDA Scholarships in 2017 to SCLEOA Members. Further, the SCLEOF will pay the officer or department $200 towards travel cost to attend the 4 ½ day training. The value of each scholarship is $650 plus $200 in travel expenses. 

    To be considered for a scholarship, a completed application (including transcript and essay) must be received by the SCLEOF or postmarked no later than Monday, February 20, 2017 at the end of the business day. 

    No faxed or emailed applications will be accepted.      http://www.scleoa.org/assets/2017%20scholarship%20application.pdf  

    Seniors    Coastal Carolina Merit Scholarships    Deadline March 1st      deadline for all HCHEC Scholarships extended until March 15, 2017.


     First-time Freshmen Merit Awards

    Award Covers

           In-State Award Amount

         Out-of-State Resident Award Amount


     Presidential Award Scholarship

    60% of full-time tuition




     President's Scholar Award

    45% of full-time tuition




     Provost's Scholar Award

    35% of full-time tuition




     Coastal Scholar Award

    25% of full-time tuition




     Teal Scholar Award

    15% of full-time tuition




     South Carolina Scholar Award*

    10% of full-time tuition



     Visual and Performing Arts Award†

    25% of full-time tuition




     PGA Golf Management Trustee Award‡

    45% of full-time tuition




     PGA Golf Management University Award‡

    25% of full-time tuition




     PGA Golf Management Wall Award‡

    20% of full-time tuition




    See more at: http://www.coastal.edu/meritawards/#sthash.8xOfRUhj.dpuf

    CCU Horry County Higher Education Commission Scholarships   Deadline March 1st 

    Applications available online:   http://www.coastal.edu/admissionsaid/scholarships/hchecscholarships/ 

         HCHEC Leadership Scholarship  $2500 anually honors students with a distinguished record of community service, leadership, volunteerism, and    

          academic excellence        http://www.coastal.edu/financialaid/abs/e001/

        HCHEC War and Society Scholarship $2500 annually for students who plan to major or minor in history or neighboring disciplines in the humanities.

          Preference will be given  to applicants who plan to integrate their interest in war and society into their academic program and subsequent careers.

         Study of War and Society Requirements: -        See more at: http://www.coastal.edu/financialaid/abs/e030/#sthash.qm4u8Ts2.dpuf

        HCHEC Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship  $2500 annually honors students with exceptional talent in art, graphic design, music, dramatic arts, musical

         theater, and theater      http://www.coastal.edu/media/administration/financialaid/pdffiles/forms/2017hchecvpaapplication.pdf  

        HCHEC Hardship and Adversity Scholarship $2500 annually- for students who have persevered through hardship and/or adversity. - See more at:                





    The South Carolina Council on the Holocaust is pleased to offer a scholarship for graduating seniors that honors the memory of those who perished during the Holocaust.   The scholarship is open to high school seniors who will attend a two- or four-year college or university, with matriculation to begin in the 2016-2017 academic year. The scholarship is open to students in the state of South Carolina.
    Students must submit a 750- to 1,500-word essay with a Works Cited page in MLA format addressing the following topic:
    Several years ago the South Carolina Superintendent of Education proposed cutting the funding for the South Carolina Council on the Holocaust. Write a convincing argument about the importance and relevance of Holocaust education to South Carolina today.
    Student essays are due postmarked by Saturday, April 1, 2017 or emailed by midnight. The essays will be reviewed by committee, with announcement of the award being made at the student’s high school awards night.   This scholarship is a one-time presentation of $1000, to be used to support the student’s first year of college or university education.  The South Carolina Council on the Holocaust Scholarship 2017.pdf
    The South Carolina Council on the Holocaust Scholarship 2017.docx


    Seniors- Horry County Schools Teacher Scholarship

    The HCS Teacher Forum, which is comprised of the five district Teacher of the Year finalists from each of the past two school years, is once again sponsoring the Horry County Schools Teacher Scholarship.  The purpose of this award is to recognize and support our outstanding seniors who choose to enter the field of professional education.  Although award amounts may vary, last year’s recipients received scholarships ranging from $1000-$3000

    Attached, you will find the application form for this scholarship.  We hope that you will share it with any of your seniors who have expressed a desire to pursue a career in education.  Please note that the application deadline is Feb 28th  and that application materials should be mailed to Janet Todd at the District Office.  Every application will be assessed, and a pool of finalists will be invited to participate in an interview with members of the Teacher Forum.  Finally, recipients will be invited to the Teacher of the Year banquet in April.

    HCS Teacher Scholarship Application 2017.docx


    "Aspiring Animation Professional" Scholarship Program. This is the 5th year we are awarding this scholarship for AnimationCareerReview.com. We are offering high school seniors the opportunity to win a $1,000 scholarship.  This will be awarded to students that are interested in pursuing an animation career path at an accredited post-secondary school or college.  visit our website, http://www.animationcareerreview.com/ to find eligibility information along with the online application. The scholarship will be on the right side of the page and click on it. he deadline is June 1, 2017.

    "Aspiring Business Professional" Scholarship. This is a $1,000 scholarship that will be awarded to students that are interested in pursuing a business degree at any accredited post-secondary school or college.  Interested students can visit this link http://www.onlinembareport.com/ and find the scholarship located at the right side of the page and click on it.  The deadline is June 1, 2017.

     Nursing Schools Almanac  Aspiring Nurse Scholarship

     $1,000 scholarship to an aspiring nurse who best demonstrates:

    + A track record of academic excellence, particularly in science and mathematics
    + A passion for the nursing profession and the overall field of healthcare 

    This scholarship is open to all high school seniors who plan to pursue college education in nursing, including LPN / LVN, ADN, and BSN programs. Scholarship applications will be accepted until midnight on June 30, 2017

    Visit www.nursingschoolsalmanac.com and click the banner on the right-hand side of the website's homepage. 



    Seniors  2017 Dixie Boys Baseball Inc./Bernie Varnadore Scholarship

    Senior students who at one time participated in a franchised Dixie Boys Baseball, Inc. program and plan to pursue undergraduate studies at a college or university may apply.

     Scholarship: Dixie Boys Baseball Inc./Bernie Varnadore Scholarship

     Eligibility: High school senior and undergraduate students         

     Application Deadline: April 1st each year

     Award: Scholarship provides eleven (11) $1,250.00 cash awards

     Application Link: Dixie Boys Baseball Inc./Bernie Varnadore Scholarship 

     Dixie Boys Baseball Inc./Bernie Varnadore Scholarship 

    Seniors     James F Byrnes Scholarship   

    $3250.00 each year of a four-year bachelor's degree program

    James F Byrnes Scholarship Information 2017 inside.pdf
    James Byrnes Scholarship Information 2017 outside.pdf
    Eligibility:  Have one or both parents deceased

                       be a SC resident and a US citizen

                       have a satisfactory academic record

                       have received SAT/ACT score prior to submitting application

                       demonstrate excellence in character, ability, and enterprise to indicate that the student will make worthwhile contributions to society

                       have need for financial assistance in order to attend college

    Students may visist the James F Byrnes Foundation website at www.byrnesscholars.org to obtain and application packet

    Application must be submitted after January 2nd and before Febrary 1st



    Optimist Oratorical_RULES_PAD-E_16-17.pdf
    Optimist Essay_RULES_PAD-E_16-17.pdf



    Seniors    Vivint Scholarship $5,000  

    Winner is not based on financial need              Applicants required to submit a video (see “Make A Video” tab for details) 

    To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must be planning on   one of the following majors: Accounting, Architecture, Art, Art History, Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Communication, Creative Writing, Economics, Education, English, Graphic Design, History, Humanities, Information Systems, Public Relations, Journalism, Marketing, Mathematics, Law, Healthcare, Political Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Social Work, Film Studies, Digital Media, Language, Theatre, Web Design, Women’s and Gender Studies.

    http://www.vivint.com/scholarship      Deadline  April 1, 2017 at 11:59 PM 

    Seniors              Guy Daniels Memorial Foundation Scholarship Opportunity
    The foundation is planning to award multiple scholarship awards, for at least $1000 each.
    Scholarship applications must be received at the foundation address by April 7th 2017 to be considered.

    application at: https://surfoff.com/images/downloads/application_17.pdf

    Seniors  National Beta 

    Beta Club Members-  Awards ranging from $1,000 to $15,000.

    Application deadline  January 26, 2017  www.betaclub.org/scholarship

    2017 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program

    High school seniors who demonstrate exceptional leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship are invited to apply for the 2017 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program. This program annually provides college-bound students with $10,000 renewable scholarships-up to $40,000 total per recipient–and supports them as they lead and serve in college and beyond. 

    More information at  https://www.reaganfoundation.org/media/51072/2017_ge-reaganscholarship_trifold_ver2.pdf

    Applications  will be accepted online until January 5, 2017.  


    Merit based scholarships cover up to entire cost of attendance


    Seniors   Erskine Presidential Scholarship - up to $120,000

    Students who demonstrate the academic commitment and performance that Erskine College values could reap the rewards — as much as $120,000 over the next four years.

    The Erskine Presidential Scholarship selection committee will choose five highly motivated and creative individuals whose activities reflect qualities of leadership and service in their respective schools, churches, and communities.

    The selection committee will consider the following factors:

              • Outstanding academic performance in high school

              • Christian commitment

              • Intellectual curiosity

              • Demonstrated leadership and service in school, church, and community

              • Desire and potential to excel at Erskine

    Each Erskine Presidential Scholar will receive institutional scholarships up to $120,000 over four years — that’s in addition to their state and federal aid. Erskine Presidential Scholars also receive other benefits, like special programs, priority room selection, and more.

    Applications are being accepted now through January 6, 2017. Invitations will be sent in mid-January for the Erskine Presidential Scholarship Competition to be held on February 4, 2017.


    Students go to know.erskine.edu to apply. Be sure to send official transcripts and test scores to the Erskine College Admissions Office.


    Students click the Presidential Scholarship link on personal web page.

    Both of these steps must be completed by January 6, 2017for your studentsto be eligible for the scholarship competition.



    Seniors- Ronald McDonald House Charities US Scholarship Program

    visit rmhc.org for more information or apply today at https://aim.applyISTS.net/RMHC

    Deadline January 18, 2017


    Seniors applying to University of Miami - George W. Jenkins Scholarship funded by Publix Super Markets Charities

    Essay, FAFSA, Financial Aid Profile due with application for admissions by Dec. 1st, 2016 

    miami.edu/apply.  Submit essay and nomiation form at miami.edu/jenkins 

    Seniors applying to Oral Roberts University see your counselor to be nominated for Quest Whole Person Scholarship

    Seniors-  NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award

    Students who operate their own small business  visit   www.NFIB.com/YEA   for more information   Deadline Dec 18th, 2016


        agreement page which can be found on the last tab of the app. 

    American Legion Oratorical Scholarship Program

    ”A Constitutional Speech Contest”

    SC Scholarships Winner $2000  2nd place $1000  3rd and 4th place $500

    National Scholarships       1st $18,000  2nd $16,000  3rd $14,000

    For the local contest we have added the following information.

     1.  CFHS guidance needs to know the name, grade and bio of the students participating by December 12 in order to meet the local deadline.  You will then be assigned the order of participation from a drawing to be held on January 8th at 6:30pm.

    For details go to:  www.scarolinalegion.orgunder Legion Program    email:  dept.programs@aldsc.org

    call 803-612-1171 ext 35

    The contest will be held at Conway High School on Thursday January 8, 2016 at 6:30PM. 

    Seniors- 2017 Peck Law Firm Scholarship

    Open to any American citizen, who will have graduated from high school before July 1, 2017. Only students, who have a 3.0 GPA or higher may apply for this scholarship.  Any student wanting to be considered for the scholarship must complete the on-line application, which appears at the link below. All written scholarship submission materials must be received by 11:59 PM EST on May 31, 2017. The winner will be announced on July 31, 2017 and will receive a one-time award of $2,000. This will be sent directly to the winner’s school and can be used for all school-related expenses.  

    The link for the scholarship application and more information regarding the scholarship is available at:http://thepeckfirm.com/?s=2017+scholarship


      Application available at www.csascholars.org

     Eligibility, SC resident, 3.0 GPA on 4.0 scale, combined SAT score of 1800 or ACT composite of 26;  applicant's parents must have a household adjusted gross income not exceeding $40,000;  applicants must be planning to attend accredited 4year college or university in SC for the fall of 2017. 

    Deadline for application and receipt of all application materials is January 2, 2017  


     Seniors      The Mercer University School of Engineering is pleased to once again invite seniors from your school to apply for our annual Scholarship Challenge at our Macon, Georgia campus on Saturday, November 12, 2016.  We plan to award valuable scholarships this fall to high school seniors who are interested in Mercer’s engineering, industrial management and technical communications program.  More information about Mercer Engineering and a link to the Scholarship Challenge event is available at engineering.mercer.edu.



    Seniors:  SCATA Scholarship 

     Scholarship Qualifications

    1. 1.       Applicant must be eligible for free or reduced priced lunch based on current USDA eligibility criteria.
    2. 2.       Applicant must be enrolled in an accredited high school in South Carolina and meet all requirements for obtaining a South Carolina high school diploma by the end of the current school year.
    3. 3.       Applicant must be able to meet the entrance requirements of an approved post-secondary institution.
    4. 4.       Applicant must submit a completed application packet by the required date. This packet must contain:
    • §  A completed SCATA Scholarship application with all signatures;
    • §  A one-page personal typed narrative from the applicant explaining why he/she is applying for this scholarship. Awards, interests and academic aspirations should be included in the narrative;
    • §  A letter of recommendation from a teacher of the applicant (on school letterhead);
    • §  A letter of recommendation from a principal (on school letterhead)
    • §  A letter from a school administrator (on school letterhead) indicating the lunch status of the student; and
    • §  Copy of high school transcript.

          Due to K. Harton by Monday, Dec 12 2016 

          Application: 2017 SCATA Scholarship Application.docx


     Scholarships from 2015-2016 School Year:   Most likely these scholarships will be offered again with the same or very similar details, so please review these for very likely upcoming scholarships! 

    David Resnick & Associates is proud to present a unique scholarship opportunity.
    The contest information can be seen here: injuryclaimnyclaw.com/college-scholarship .

    The scholarship essay contest addresses businesses responsibilities to keep customers safe. First place prize is $1,500, with a second place prize of $500.

    The scholarship is now open, and entries are due by May 10, 2016


     Dennis Brian Latimer Memorial Scholarship- Seniors who are a decendant of a Whittemore High School Graduate

    GPA 2.5 higher on 4.0 scale

    Must major in science or related science field

    Letter of recommendation required, photo required

    Application due April 1st, 2016   2016 Whittemore Latimer Scholarship App.pdf

    Seniors  Whittemore High School Alumni Scholarship 

    Please see attached Scholarship Application Kit for High School graduating seniors in Horry County. Please instruct Students that have an interest to apply for this scholarship to complete pages 5 and 6 and mail or email the completed documents to the return addresses enclosed.  The deadline for submitting the completed application is April 15, 2016.  Applications submitted after this date will not be considered.    2016 Whittemore Alumni Application.pdf



    DeadlineApril 27, 2016
    Ocean View Memorial Foundation Scholarship.  
    The applications are due April 1st, and they should be mailed to PO Box 1366 Myrtle Beach, SC 29578. 

    Seniors   The Myrtle Beach/Grand Strand Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association

    $1,000 scholarship to a graduate of Horry County Schools  entering Virginia Tech in the fall of 2014.  

    Deadline for the application is May 15, 2016.  Please contact Beth Fife (bfife@horrycountyschools.net) or Andy Kiracofe (akiracofe@horrycountyschools.net) for the scholarship application and/or additional information.  16 Va Tech Grand Strand Myrtle Beach Scholarship Application.docx



    Good360 Sustainability Scholarship -

    $1,000 - 1 Award (Deadline: November 30, 2015)

    Student Eligibility:   We want to hear how sustainability has touched your life. If you’re a high school senior applying to college, or you’re currently a college student, and you have an interest in sustainability and the environment, then we’d love to hear your thoughts on what sustainability means to you. Thus, we’re sponsoring a college scholarship with an award of $1,000 to go towards tuition.

     Applications can be found by going to: http://scholarshipguidance.com/scholarship_good360_sustainability_scholarship_8951.php?&utm_source=newsletter01&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=201510&utm_content=2a30196e4eef82b0317c5ffdf9464802

    Flosum Scholarship - $750 - 1 Award (Deadline: December 15, 2015)

    Student Eligibility:  1. The applicants must be enrolled in an accredited 4-year university or college located in United States;

     2. Graduating high school seniors with a GPA of 3.5 or above are also eligible to apply for the scholarship;

     Applications can be found by going to:


    4. Points Scholarship - $10,000 - 10 Awards (Deadline: November 3, 2015)

    Student Eligibility:   A) Be at least 13 years old and enrolled or will enroll in a college or university in the US.

    B) Be a legal resident of the U.S. or Puerto Rico.


    Sansone & Lauber

     The scholarship was created to support the college funding of three different winners.The contest information can be seen here: www.missourilawyers.com/scholarship . The scholarship offers participants $500 in prizes.

    The scholarship is now open, and entries are due by December 1st, 2015 

    McNair Scholarship at Francis Marion University 

    Deadline December 1, 2015

    Application available at www.fmarion.edu/fmuadmissons/scholarship 

    Eligibility:  high school senior with 3.0 or higher;  1100 (Critical Reading and Math) SAT or 24 ACT composite; SC resident;  have an interest in a career in public service, and be willing to committ to study abroad and service learning opportunities 

    Seniors  The South Carolina School Boards Association Caucus of Black School Board Members

    Essay competition to select the recipient of a $500 college scholarship.  The contest winner will be the recipient of a $500 college scholarship. Submissions are due by April 27. I have attached the link to the Black Caucus scholarship information.    http://scsba.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/2015-blackcaucus-scholarship.pdf

    You may also access the information through the South Carolina School Boards Association's website:  http://scsba.org/?ct=t(e_Focus_3_16_20153_16_2015)



    Seniors    Call me MISTER    -

    Applications Due May 1, 2015

    Participating colleges are:  Anderson University, Benedict College, Claflin College, Clemson University, Coastal Carolina University, Greenville Technical College, Lander University, Horry Georgetown Technical College, Limestone College, Midlands Technical College, Morris College, Piedmont Technical College, SC State University, Southern Wesleyan University, Tri-County Technical College, Trident Technical College, University of South Carolina- Beaufort, Wintrhop University.  Please see individual schools for more information

    2015-2016 class of Call Me MISTER. The mission of the Call Me MISTER (Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role Models) initiative is to increase the pool of available teachers from a broader more diverse background particularly among the State's lowest performing elementary schools. Student participants are largely selected from among under-served, socio-economically disadvantaged and educationally at-risk communities.

    The project provides:

    • Tuition assistance through Loan Forgiveness programs for admitted students pursuing approved programs of study in teacher education at participating colleges.
    • An academic support system to help assure their success.
    • A cohort system for social and cultural support.
    • Assistance with job placement.
    • Leadership and development programs.
    • Extra classroom preparation experience.

    “Call Me MISTER” was developed by some of our State’s visionary educational leaders who sincerely believe we can build a better tomorrow by getting you involved today. If you are interested in applying to be in the next class of MISTERs the listed colleges, please go to http://www.clemson.edu/hehd/departments/education/research/callmemister/apply.html and complete the application procedure. 

    HGTC:  email CallMe MISTER@hgtc.edu  or visit www.hgtc.edu/academics/callmemister.html



    The BMW Scholars program
    Allows students who study manufacturing-related degrees to attend class full-time at select two-year community colleges.  The student receives tuition assistance while also working part-time hours at BMW Manufacturing Co. Partner colleges include Greenville Technical College, Spartanburg Community College and Tri County Technical College. In the last 3 years, the program has grown to over 60 technical college students.
    The BMW Scholars Team will begin recruiting for the August 2015 Scholars class very soon.
    The posting for the application will be up on the BMW website https://www.bmwusfactory.com/student-programs/technical-and-community-college-students/scholars-program/by the end of February.  Students should contact the college career offices at Greenville Technical College, Spartanburg Community College and Tri-County Technical College for more information on applying.
    USDA National Scholars Program

     The Office of Advocacy & Outreach (OAO) recently released its USDA 1890 National Scholars Program.  The National Scholars Program is a major effort of the USDA and nineteen 1890 Historically Black Land-Grant Institutions (HBCUs) to award scholarships to students to attend one of the nineteen 1890 Institutions in any field of study in agriculture, food, natural resource sciences or other related disciplines.

    1. The USDA/1890 National Scholars Program will provide full tuition, employment, employment benefits, fees, books, and room and board each year for up to 4 years to selected students pursuing a bachelor’s degree at the following universities:
      ·         Alabama A&M University
      ·         Alcorn State University

      ·         Central State University, Ohio

      ·         Delaware State University

      ·         Florida A&M University

      ·         Fort Valley State University, Georgia

      ·         Kentucky State University

      ·         Langston University, Oklahoma

      ·         Lincoln University, Missouri

      ·         North Carolina A&T State University

      ·         Prairie View A&M University, Texas

      ·         South Carolina State University

      ·         Southern University, Louisiana

      ·         Tennessee State University

      ·         Tuskegee University, Alabama

      ·         University of Arkansas Pine Bluff

      ·         University of Maryland Eastern Shore

      ·         Virginia State University

      ·         West Virginia State University


      Eligible students must be U.S. citizens, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, have been accepted at one of the 1890 HBCUs, study agriculture, food, natural resource sciences or other related academic disciplines, demonstrate leadership and community service, and etc.  Please visit the 
      USDA 1890 National Scholars Program website for more information.
      The scholarship may be renewed each year contingent upon satisfactory academic performance and normal progress toward the bachelor’s degree.  High school applications and college applications may be downloaded from the site below:
      Application and supporting documentation DEADLINE: February 1

    Seniors Rotary Scholarship

    $1,000 and is intended for a graduating senior that in addition to academic success has demonstrated acts of community service and abides by the Rotary 4 way test.  The motto of Rotary is “Service Above Self” as we uphold the Four Way Test:  1. Is it the Truth, 2. Is it Fair to all Concerned, 3. Will it Build Good Will and Better Friendships, and 4. Is it Beneficial to all Concerned.  Deadline April 30th, 2015

     2015 Rotary Scholarship Application - CFHS.docx

    Seniors       Foundation for Rural Services

     $2000 scholarship from FRS and additional $500 from HTC

    Preference given to students expressing interest to return to a rural area to work following graduation

     Download application at www.frs.org  

    ***although application says to mail directly to FRS- return them to the main guidance office by January 13th

    Seniors interested in Marist Computer Science or Information Technology Systems- Full tuition, room and board scholarships

    visit  www.marist.edu/technologyscholarships for more information

    Juniors and Seniors  

    The South Carolina Governor’s Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities is now accepting entries for the 2015 Journalism Contest.

    This year’s theme is “Expect. Employ. Empower.” To be eligible to enter, students must:

            •  be a South Carolinian 16-19 years old;

            •  not have entered a post-secondary school before March 1, 2015;

            •  be a high school junior or senior, or otherwise qualified to begin post-secondary education no later than the  2016-2017 school year.

    Students do not have to have a disability to enter; however we are seeking to encourage more students with disabilities to enter. The winner of the 2015 Journalism Contest receives a four-year scholarship to the South Carolina state-supported institution of his or her choice provided, of course, that the winner is otherwise qualified and is in financial need. Entries must be post marked no later than January 31, 2015.  The application and complete details regarding the contest are available at: www.scvrd.net/journalism.


    Seniors:  SCAC Presidential Scholarship

    Must be attending SC college, university, or 2-year technical college in fall of 2015, Complete application form, write an essay on aspirations and goals, and submit two letters of recommendation.  

    Applications must be postmarked no later than Feb 2, 2015     Applications available at  http://www.sccounties.org/scac-scholarships

    Seniors  The James (Coach) Day Scholarship

    Any high school senior track and field active team member of a school participating in the current Bob Hayes Invitational Track and Field Meet may apply

    Deadline  February 1st, 2016 

    dowload guidelines and scholarship packet at www.bhitm.org

    Seniors   Archibald Rutledge Scholarship Program

    The South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) is announcing the Archibald Rutledge Scholarship Program. This annual program offers public school twelfth-grade students the opportunity to compete for a scholarship worth approximately $2,000 in creative writing, dance, music, theatre, and visual arts. The purpose of the competition is to encourage and recognize academic and artistic excellence.

      Applicants may participate in one of the following discipline areas: creative writing, dance, music, theatre, or visual arts. To compete, students should submit one original composition and a process folio for the visual arts area and an original and two copies of the original composition and process folio for the creative writing, dance, music, or theatre categories. Entries must be received by 5:00 p.m. or postmarked on or before Friday, February 6, 2015.

     S5nd your applications to R. Scot Hockman, 1429 Senate Street, Suite 607-B, Columbia, SC 29201. Please see the application for submission guidelines in each respective discipline field. Applications are  available on the SCDE Web site,: http://ed.sc.gov/agency/programsservices/62/ArchibaldRutledgeScholarshipProgram.cfm.

      Panels of adjudicators in each area will review submissions and select a recipient and two alternates in each arts area. Adjudicators will base their selections on individual arts discipline criteria and the correlation of the process folio to the finished work. Awards will be announced in May 2015

    Grants for anyone attending a college or university worldwide

    Giva's Corporate Student Scholarship and Worldwide Community Ambassador  Award is for anyone attending a college or university worldwide. This scholarship grant is aimed at assisting undergraduate or graduate students further their education as well as expand their social responsibility and community service footprint in the world. There is no specific course of study or major required. Requirements  Giva will award $1000 scholarships to undergraduate or graduate students who write thoughtful essays in answering the following questions: How will you use your talents and education to make the world a better place for future generations? What are your career and personal goals and why?

    The essay needs to be between 600-1000 words, and must be submitted to our mailing address no later than June 1st or December 1st of each year. A current resume must also be included with the essay. Giva will choose the scholarship winners and will award the scholarships by August 15th and February 15th of each year. Students can only apply once in any 12-month period.   Deadline Dec 1st and June 1st   for details and application visit:    http://www.givainc.com/scholarships/

    Seniors:  WACE Scholarships

    Qualifications;  Have a GPA of 3.5 or better on 4.0 scale; 

    Apply and be accepted at one of the WACE Partner Institutions;  Clarkson University, State University of New York Oswego, Drexel University,  University of Cincinnati,  Johnson & Wales University,  University of Massachusetts Lowell,  Kettering University,  The University of Toledo,  Rochester Institute of Technology,  Wentworth Institute of Technology

    Complete the application and essay at www.waceinc.org

    Seniors interested in Aviation Mechanics

     apply for scholarships at www.imagine-america.org


    Seniors:  NC State University Parks Scholarships

    The mission of the Park Scholarships program is to bring exceptional students to NC State, based on outstanding accomplishments and potential in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The program develops and supports Park Scholars in these areas, preparing them for lifelong contributions to the campus, state, nation, and world.   visit http://park.ncsu.edu/about/ for more information and tell your counselor by Sept25th if interested

    Seniors        Columbia College 

    The Momentum Scholarship-  If you are interested in being nominated for this scholarship at Columbia College, please inform your guidance counselor or any of these individuals that you would like to be nominated by October 15th.  The online nomination is due by November 1st  Candidates may be nominated by any of the following:  high school principals, guidance counselors, or teachers;  church and community leaders;  Columbia College alumnae;  any individual or group having a close relationship with the candidate, including family members


    Scholarship candidates must complete application by November 30, 

    Seniors SACAC Extend the Dream

     In 2011, SACAC initiated Extend the Dream Scholarships to recognize and reward deserving students.  This scholarship is awarded based on financial need, academic achievement and community service.  Awards are in the amount of $1,000 and are not renewable.   The Extend the Dream Student Scholarship is provided through funds from the Southern Association for College Admission Counseling.  

    deadline May 23, 2014

     website:  https://sacac.memberclicks.net/assets/2014%20etd%20scholarship%20application.pdf


    Brochures pertaining to grant funds- the SC State Firefighters’ Association has available for student scholarships and for the career centers click on the link: 



    Seniors  Your Favorite Car Scholarship $500

    Deadline April 30. 2014


    Seniors:  MCO Scholarship   $500

    Deadline May 15, 2014

    Must submit essay

    applications at www.studentscholarships.org/available_scholarships_2014.php

    Seniors  Find a Law Scholarship  $500

    applications and essays due May 15, 2014


    Seniors   Maple Leaf Dentistry Scholarship  $500

    Deadline May 30, 2014

    Must have contributed 100 hours of community service over past two  years

    GPA 3.0 or higher


    Seniors  LM Scholarship $500

    Deadline May 31, 2014

    GPA 3.0 or higher 


    Ages 17-24   Odenza Vacations College Scholarship $500

    Deadline June 1, 2014

    Ages 17-24

    GPA 2.5 or higher

    applications  www.odenzavacationsscholarships.com

    Seniors  Got a Spine Scholarship  $500 

    Deadline June 2, 2014

    2.5 or higher GPA

    applications  www.studentscholarships.org/2014_college_scholarships.php

    Seniors  Global Lift Equipment Scholarship  $500

    Must submit a short story

    GPA 2.5 or higher

    applications www.usedforkliftssouthcarolina.com

    Seniors  Lift Parts Express Scholarship  $500

    application deadline June 30,2014

    applications www.forkliftpartspennsylvania.com

    Seniors   Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc

    Applications available in main guidance office with Mrs. Cannon

    African American male students who plan to attend college in the fall.  700-750 word essay in MLA format on topic 

    What do you View as the Critical Skills needed to be Successful in College and Beyond

    Due April 10th to Mrs. Cannon 

    Seniors Grand Strand Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)

    Seniors in JROTC application available in main guidance office

    Deadline -must be received by April 18th  to address on application

    request transcript from guidance by April 7th


     Rising Juniors and Seniors    Furman Summer Scholars

    Opportunity to participate in classes and get a taste of college life    Application deadline April 15,2014

    Summer sessions July 6-12 and 13-19

    For more information  visit furman.edu/admission


    Female Seniors                      McMillan Scholarship at Limestone College

    GPA of 3.0 or higher.  

    Annual scholarship of $8000. McMillan Scholars will retain the scholarship as long as they remain in good academic standing at the college. The McMillan scholarship is also available to young women selected by their high school teachers to participate in the Women in Technology and Science (WITS) Conference at Limestone, a program that emphasizes the opportunities available for women who select careers in an area of math, science, or technology.

     To apply for the McMillan scholarship, students must first complete an application and be accepted to Limestone College. Students who meet the qualifications for the McMillan scholarship will be considered at the time of acceptance. Students may also discuss the scholarship with Limestone Admissions staff and faculty


    Seniors  Mississipppi Excellence in Teaching Program (METP)

    Scholarship opportunity for teaching fellows program for students interested in making a five-year commitment to teach in a Mississippi public school after graduation.

    for more info visit http://www.metp.org




    Seniors       Santee Cooper's Power Associates Program

    A competitive scholarship program that prepares high school graduates for rewarding technical careers in the electric utility industry. 

    During this two-year program, students earn a technical associate degree and gain hands-on experience by working in a generating station and/or electrical distribution area. 

    Santee Cooper pays for tuition, fees, books and supplies.  Students earn a competitive wage, receive a weekly stipend, and qualify for substantial incentive bonuses each semester based on academic performance. Graduates receive preferential consideration for full-time employment at Santee Cooper.

    Application Deadline January 

    Application available at http://www.santeecooper.com/pa


    15-18 years old   Full Scholarships to study abroad in German- US State Dept funded Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program


    GPA 3.0 or higher


    $1000 Scholarship to encourage students interested in composting researching recruit tomorrow's generation of industry experts and researchers. 

    Must submit two letters of recommendation and an essay outlining your experience with compost and how this impacts your choice of a major at a college or university.  Email your submission to Leanne Spaulding  at leannespaulding@compostingcouncil.org

    Deadline  January 20, 2014


    Seniors     Military Order of the Purple Heart Grand Strand Chapter Scholarship

    Criteria: 12th grader whose parent, grandparent or great grandparent was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received during combat (if not a curent member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart Organization can become a member by applying at www.purpleheart.org or calling 703-642-5360

    Procedure: Visit the website for an application    www.purpleheart.org

    Deadline: February 14,2014


    Washington and Lee University  Lexington, VA

    Johnson Scholarship Program, funds W&L education fully

    Application available on W&L's supplement to the common application

    Deadline December 1st

    learn more at website:    go.wlu.edu/Johnson

    Seniors- Buick Achievers

    Scholarships up to $25,000 per year for seniors planning to enroll full time at a four-year college or university in 2013-2014 and plan to  major in a field that focuses on engineering, technology, design or business, with an interest in the automotive industry.

    Application available at www.buickachievers.com 

     application deadline