• Freshman AVID


    Objectives of the Course 
    1. Students will take courses that meet four-year college entrances requirements. 
    2. Students will participate in tutorials for academic courses. 
    3. Students will learn and apply AVID skills including note taking, organization, time management, and goal setting. 
    4. Students will improve their oral communication skills through a variety of activities, including presentation and Socratic Seminar. 
    5. Students will participate in writing to learn activities, including note taking, learning logs, and essay writing. 
    6. Students will learn to evaluate their own and other’s writing, using the rubrics and scoring guides modeled after UC and CSU requirements. 
    7. Students will prepare for college entrance examinations, including the SAT, SAT Subject, and ACT. 

    Assessment Procedures 
    AVID students will be assessed using a variety of performance-based assessments. They will be judged not only on the AVID “basics” such as a well-organized notebook, participation in tutorials, and note taking, but also according to their performance on timed writings, practice college entrance tests, participation in Socratic Seminars, and other activities.

    AVID curriculum includes: AVID tutorials include: 
    *Collaborative study groups; *Student Success Path 
    *Problem Solving *College Path 
    *Note taking *Writing Curriculum 
    *Higher level thinking questions *Oral language/public speaking *WIC-R activities 
    *WIC-R strategies *Note taking practice 
    *Reflection and evaluation *Test preparation 

    Motivational Activities include: 
    *Field Trips 
    *Philosophical chairs/Socratic seminar 
    *Team building 
    *Media or career center 
    *Other motivational activities that support AVID goals