• Tutorials



    Tutorials are the cornerstone of the AVID classroom.  Students participate actively in tutorials twice each week.  Students must have a new TRF (Tutorial Request Form) completed for each tutorial. Students prepare their TRF's using content area resources, bring those resources to tutorial, present their points of confusion, ask guiding questions to find a solution, take notes on each other's problems to have another study resource for class, and answer questions to reflect on the tutorial process.  Tutors lead the students through the tutorial, grade the TRF's, and take notes for the student presenters. The AVID teacher facilitates the tutorial process,
    monitors and coaches the students and tutors, and serves as a resource during tutorial.

    The benefit of AVID tutorials is unmatched.  Students are using critical thinking skills, practicing public speaking, utilizing multiple resources (print and electronic), asking high level questions, taking Cornell notes, analyzing the process of each question, and writing reflections about their learning.  This process can lead to improvement, success, and increased self-confidence in core classes.  Students MUST be active and responsible members of their tutorial groups in order to achieve the kind of success that is possible.