• Student Council

    Student Council members are elected to represent the student body. Student council members work hard to plan and host events to help build school spirit. They are involved in planning Spirit Week and organizing the float building for each class. They also plan and organize community service events each quarter. Student Council members learn and practice leadership skills.

    Advisor: Rebecca Salley & Ashley Hinch

    Dues: No dues, students must run for an office. 

    Meetings: Held weekly after school. 


    Student Body President- Deyah Pereira

    Student Body Vice President- Jihad Levermore

    Student Body Secretary/Treasurer- Jenna Adkins

    Senior Class President- Nia Smalls
    Senior Class Vice President- Michael Brown
    Senior Class Secretary/Treasurer- Chris Johnson
    Senior Class Representative- Kassie Chandley
    Senior Class Representative- Adriana Singleton
    Senior Class Representative- Jasmir Williams
    Senior Class Committee Member- Shantell Mitchell

    Junior Class President- Hailey Prince
    Junior Class Vice President- Yasmine Pugh
    Junior Class Secretary/Treasurer – Grace Andreucci
    Junior Class Representative- Caroline Graham
    Junior Class Representative- Haleigh Arney
    Junior Class Representative- Hunter Teems
    Junior Class Committee Member- Reagan Fowler
    Junior Class Committee Member- Taylor Thompkins
    Junior Class Committee Member- Narinder Singh
    Junior Class Committee Member- Pamela Nesbitt

    Sophomore Class President- Chloe Brown
    Sophomore Class Vice President- Bailey Frye
    Sophomore Class Secretary/Treasurer- Shelbi Kirton
    Sophomore Class Representative- McKinley Sanders
    Sophomore Class Representative- Atley Livingston
    Sophomore Class Representative- Zoe Lewis
    Sophomore Class Committee Member- William Monroe Thompson
    Sophomore Class Committee Member- Kymesha Vereen
    Sophomore Class Committee Member- Brachus Balridge
    Sophomore Class Committee Member- Taylor Crocker
    Sophomore Class Committee Member- Madeline Beverly

    Freshman Class President- Cecily Hennigan
    Freshman Class Vice President- Elizabeth Rutherford
    Freshman Class Secretary/ Treasurer- Chloe Cribb
    Freshman Class Representative- Sydney Graham
    Freshman Class Representative- Alicia McCleod
    Freshman Class Representative- Allie Holmes
    Freshman Class Committee Member- Shane Davis
    Freshman Class Committee Member- Davyona Montogomery
    Freshman Class Committee Member- Mardresha Stanley
    Freshman Class Committee Member- Shyla Guras
    Freshman Class Committee Member- Cantley Zack
    Freshman Class Committee Member- Brianna Lewis
    Freshman Class Committee Member- Hampton Moore
    Freshman Class Committee Member- Silinda Pierce