• Digital Footprint

    Every time you fill out a form, send an email, post a picture, visit a website, or use a search engine you leave a digital trail. Any device which connects to the internet leaves a digital trail. This is called your digital footprint.  The digital footprint allows other people to learn about you. Your digital footprint cannot be erased -- it becomes a permanent record of who you are, where you have been and what you have done in your digital environment online. A delete button can erase the text or image that the physical eye can see, but the digital record remains intact.  Do YOU know what information and actions contribute to permanent online data about yourself? It is up to you to control your footprint and and what impressions you leave behind. Will it be positive or negative? It’s your choice.

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    A digital dossier is  collection of websites visited, social networking accounts, “likes”, posts, tags, tweets and other digital files that when combined, provide detailed information about a person or; it is a collection of  your entire digital footprint.  A digital dossier may contain information about a person created by other people, for example a birth or death certificate.    


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    It is up to you to create a positive impression for others to see by showcasing your interests and creations in a positive way. Think before you post!

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