• Math Counts

    MATHCOUNTS is a national middle school coaching and competitive mathematics program that promotes mathematics achievement through a series of fun and engaging contests. The purpose of MATHCOUNTS is to challenge students to use higher level mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills in order to be a part of the school, chapter, state, and possibly national competition.


    MathCounts Team and Coaches


    Students are expected to be ready to tackle challenging math problems by using higher-level mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students should enjoy competing as the MATHCOUNTScompetition consists of four parts: the Sprint, Target, Team and Countdown Rounds. Students must work well on a team with fellow math students and work well under time constraints since MATHCOUNTS is a timed competition.

    Club Info:
    The goal of the CMS MATHCOUNTS team is to get as many students interested and involved in the wonderful opportunities that this club brings, as well as progress to the highest level of competition possible. Our MATHCOUNTS club is open to all students that are ready for higher level math problems. If needed, in December or January, our CMS team will hold a school competition which assists the coaches in determining the students who will represent the school at the Chapter Competition in February. We want to strive for excellence and work hard to ensure that our team competes at the highest level possible again this year!

    Staff: Anita Chestnut and Asheley Turbeville