Welcome to CHS ATHLETICS. Students can begin participating in athletics beginning in 7th Grade.

    Before participating in try-outs, parents and students are required to create an online account and complete the pre-participation physical packet online. The online packet must be completed before any participation in athletic activities will be allowed. To complete this process, please follow the instructions outlined below.

    If you have already completed a parent and student account previously on PlanetHS or ArbiterAthlete, then simply log in using your same account             username and password and complete the required information for 2023-2024 school year.


    Visit www.PlanetHS.com and click “sign up” or “log in”. You may also text S700 to the number69274 to sign up.

    BOTH parents and student need to make separate accounts and then LINK the two accounts. See below for instructions on how to link parent and student accounts and complete the physical forms online.

    Athlete/Parent Account Registration and Pre-Participation Form Completion

    1. Go to www.PlanetHS.com and click “sign up”.

    2. Parent AND Student will need to make separate accounts

              A. Students, please enter your legal first, middle and last name

              B. Students, it is recommended that you use your HCS email and password. Ex. Jsmith@g.horrycountyschools.net

              C. Please choose the high school at which the student will be participating. You may add a middle school later.

    3. Once logged in to either parent or student account:

              A. Complete Emergency Information

              B. Click Athletic Forms

              C. Click Athletic Participation

              D. Scroll down and click “Link Accounts” and enter the email address or phone number of the parent/student who needs to be linked.

    4. The other person will receive an email/text to confirm linking accounts. They will see the invite and click “Approve”.

    5. Once the accounts are linked, you will follow steps B and C again and then scroll all the way to the bottom.

    6. Click on each of the forms and complete them appropriately.

    7. PHYSICAL EXAM form and BIRTH CERTIFICATE will need to be uploaded as a document or a clear picture (make sure it is the page of the physical with doctor’s signature, we don’t need the other pages).

    8. Both the Parent and Student will have to click on the links to each form from their separate accounts because both signatures will be required before it will be approved. If you have any questions, you may contact the Athletic Director or Athletic Trainer at Conway High School