• ECHS Vision, Mission, & Beliefs




     … to provide a personalized education to maximize student potential for becoming socially responsible, productive citizens.


    Mission Statement

     … to provide a small, personalized learning community that accelerates our diverse student population to become responsible citizens who are strong critical thinkers, collaborators, and communicators who can successfully meet and face the challenges of competing in an ever-changing global society. 




    • All students can be successful with personalized levels of support.
    • College is attainable by drawing on the college environment to build students’ identity as college goers and reward mastery and competence with enrollment in college-level courses.
    • A workforce is created that fulfills the desires of the students and represents the local community interests and meets the needs of the 21st Century.
    • A sense of civic responsibility is instilled in all students.



    Core Purposes

    • We provide rigorous curriculum and have high expectations for self and students.
    • We guide students to communicate with clarity and precision.
    • We develop students who use their minds well in every aspect of their lives.
    • We create a culture where students are excited about learning.
    • We prepare students to be productive citizens who serve their communities.


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