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    Office of Gifted and Talented Programs

    Beverly Pilkey, Director

    335 Four Mile Road

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    With the start of the school year, we begin the screening and identification process for the academically gifted and talented program.  This process continues until final grades are issued.  In order to be identified as academically gifted and talented in South Carolina, students must have a composite aptitude score at or above the 96th national age percentile or meet two out of three dimensions of eligibility: aptitude, achievement, or performance.  This is a three-step process:

    Step One: All students in grades 2 and 5 as well as all referred students in grades 3-4 and 6-11 will be given the CogAT®, an aptitude test, in October 2012.  Any parent, student, teacher, or administrator may refer a student for testing by contacting the guidance department at the student’s school or by contacting the Office of Gifted and Talented Programs prior to mid-Septmeber each year.  If the student has a composite aptitude score at or above the 96th national age percentile, then he/she automatically qualifies for the program.  If the student scores at or above the 93rd national age percentile on the verbal, nonverbal, quantitative or total portion of the aptitude test, then we will screen for high achievement.

    Step Two:  For the achievement dimension, all students in grades 2 and up who take MAP will have their fall and spring scores screened for academically gifted and talented qualification.  Students who have MAP scores on either the reading or the math tests at or above the 94th national percentile meet the achievement dimension of eligibility. Additionally, the South Carolina Department of Education annually establishes PASS scores used to determine eligibility for the achievement dimension for students in grades 3-8.   

    Step Three:  If the student meets the eligibility criteria for either the aptitude or achievement dimension but not both, we will screen for the academic performance dimension.  The STAR Performance Task Assessment will be administered to qualifying students in grades 2-5.  A student may only take the primary or the intermediate version of the STAR Performance Task Assessment once, and results will be released by the end of May.  End-of-year grades in the core academic areas (English, math, science, social studies, and foreign language) will be used as the performance dimension measure for students in grades 6 through 11.  A grade point average of 3.75 on a 4.0 scale in the core academic areas is needed to meet the performance dimension eligibility criteria.  Students who become eligible for the academically gifted and talented program through the performance dimension will begin gifted services during the followiong fall semester. 

    The referral, screening, and identification process is a lengthy one.  If your child meets the identification criteria for the academically gifted and talented program, then you will receive written notification from the Office of Gifted and Talented Programs.  If you have questions regarding the screening and identification process, please feel free to contact the school or this office.