• Clubs & Organizations

    Student Council: Student Council is here to help our school become a better environment. We make sure that student's voices are heard!  We do Spirit Week, Red Ribbon Week, Winter Formal, and PM advisory plannings! The club sponsor is Mrs. Decerbo.

    Meetings on the 1st Friday of each month during Advisory. 


    Junior Civitan is a community service organization for students. Junior Civitan members seek to meet the needs of our world and promote progress in a world of change. You can be a part of your local Junior Civitan club's commitment to making a difference by joining the ECHS Jr. Civitan club. The club sponsors are Mr. Graham and Mrs. Wilson.

    Meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays in Room 228. 

    Math Club/Mu Alpha Theta:  The math club meets weekly in order to prepare for the Rubik's Cube competition in the spring.  The club also works to promote a love of mathematics.  Everyone is welcome to join Math Club and start working to learn the Rubik's cube.  The club also participates in the national mathematics honor society, Mu Alpha Theta.  Students are invited to attend this part of the club in the fall.  This portion of the club meets the first Wednesday of each month.The club sponsors are Mrs. Fall and Mrs. Wilson.

    Math Club meetings every Wednesday in Room 224. 

    Mu Alpha Theta meetings 1st Wednesday of each month in Room 224.  

    Glee Club:The glee club performances musical pieces and dances are school events.  The club meets weekly to practice their routines.  If you have a love for singing, dancing, or performing this is the club for you.  The club sponsors are Ms. Keeter and Mrs. McAnich. 

    Meetings every Wednesday in AVID Upstairs. 

    Puppet Club: The puppet club writes and performs puppet skits specifically geared toward elementary school students.  These skits are intended to reduce bullying and promote character.  The club meets weekly on Tuesdays in the upstairs AVID room.  The sponsors are Ms. Thompson and Ms. Kalbaugh. 

    Meetings every Tuesday in AVID Upstairs. 


    ECHS National Honor Society.  Established in 2011, the ECHS National Honor Society serves to honor students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Students in their junior and senior years who have a 4.25 GPA or higher are eligible to be considered for membership.   Eligible students may not have any disciplinary offenses level II or above from the 9th grade forward, and they must have two or fewer level I offenses.  No OSS offenses would be considered.  Students will be asked to provide examples of community service and service learning projects.  Students not inducted in their junior year will have the opportunity to be inducted in their senior year. Sponsors are Mrs. Marlowe. 


    ECHS Mock Trial Team.  The goals of this program are, first and foremost, to educate students about the basis of our American judicial system and the mechanics of litigation. The program also serves to build bridges of mutual cooperation, respect and support between the community and the legal profession. Our Mock Trial team will meet on Wednesdays, beginning on TBA, from 2:30-3:30 in preparation for the Mock Trial competition in the spring.  Students must be committed to dedicating a lot of time and energy to participate and must provide their own transportation. Sponsors are Mr. Fowler and Ms. Lohr.


     ECHS Recycling Team.  The ECHS Recycling Team meets every Thursday in Mrs. Lee's room.  Members meet weekly for an  hour to prepare and take action in various "going green" projects such as collecting recyclables on campus from the team's homemade recycling bins, participating in and hosting local beach sweeps, creating educational videos to share with the student body, designing and preparing the annual STAR Fashion Show (Start Taking Action & Recycle), and other recycling awareness activities to promote going green."  Click here to learn more about the ECHS Recycling Team.  Sponsors are Mrs. Lee and Ms. Rautsaw.

    Meetings every Thursday.  

    Book to Movie Club: The Book to Movie Club reads a common book, discusses it, and then watches the movie.  The club votes regularly on new books to read and discuss.  The club will meet every 6 - 8 weeks for discussion so watch the announcements for up-coming meetings.  The club also has a google classroom page (code: xxtcwy0).  The club sponsor is Ms. Keeter.  

    Meetings every 6 - 8 weeks. 

    Share a Smile Club: The Share A Smile Club at ECHS is determined to share happiness and compassion to children and adults with disabilities throughout Horry County.  This year, we plan to continue to volunteer at the Aynor Special Needs Family Fun Day, the Special Olympics, the Polar Plunge, Joy Prom, and we hope to expand our list of opportunities.  This club will typically meet twice a month.  Check the TVs for specific dates and times!  The club sponsor is Ms. Hecklinger and Ms. McAnich.  

    Sisters United Girls Club: The Girls Club is open to all ECHS Ladies.  The club works to build a strong sisterhood and encourage positive self-image.  The club meets the first Tuesday of each month in Room 210.  The club sponsor is Mrs. DeCerbo.  

    Meetings 1st Tuesday in Room 210.