• How did Foresbrook Cares begin?

    Forestbrook Cares is a program that was started by our very own Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). FCA is a student led inter-denominational Christian ministry on our school campus that blends a myriad of student skills and activities with the main focus being service learning. After discovering that 15 families with students attending our school were homeless, this mission was born from the compassion and heart of our FCA members and leaders. In the time it became a school-wide mission with faculty, staff and students supplying canned foods, toiletry items, and gift cards on a daily basis for the pantry which is housed within the school. Students give up their free time both before and after school to collect and organize the goods as well as prepare the food boxes for pick up and delivery on a weekly basis. In meeting each month the on-going needs of indigent families within our school, students are learning how to be contributing citizens serving their neighbors in a time of catastrophe. The program is completely confidential so that the students never know who the recipients are. In distributing these supplemental food boxes to families of our students and school employees, the results have been astounding as students have observed how the caring acts of a few have impacted families in crisis throughout our school and community.

    C. Powell