• 2008-2009 Team Members

    Coaches:  J. Boswell

                     E. Patonay

                     S. Necessary

                     T. Vega

    Attorneys:  G. Vaught

                       C. Lively

    Team Members:


    1. Joseph Mateo  -  Lead Attorney #1

    2. Jackie Godbey -  Lead Attorney #2

    3. Haley Evans -     Attorney

    4. Morgan Godfrey - Attorney

    5. Ashley Deluca - Witness

    6. Zack Ohanesian - Witness

    7. Jessica Stevens - Witness


    1. Dante Moore - Lead Attorney #1

    2. F. Lee Bailey - Lead Attorney #2

    3. Brittany Wilson - Attorney

    4. Mary Bordonaro - Attorney

    5. Kody Ruff - Witness

    6. Matthew Murray- Witness

    7. Dallas Strawn - Witness


    1. Mikayla Riga - Time keeper

    2. Woody Ford - Bailiff

    3. Haley Black - Alternate

    4. Morgan Elvis - Alternate

    Regional Announcement


    On Saturday, December 6, 2008, Forestbrook's Mock Trial Team, participated in the South Carolina State Competition in Lexington, South Carolina. It was an all day event with ten Middle Schools competing from all over the State.

    Our Defense led off the first round as we went up against last year's State Champion. Despite our valiant efforts and some excellent individual performances by Dante Moore, Justin Abbassi and Dallas Strawn, our over all performance cost us against a much more experienced opponent.

    Our Prosecution performed in the second round and did a magnificent job.

    Our Defense once again was called on to perform in the third round and it was obvious they had learned their lesson in the first round and had committed to bringing their "A game". It was an overwhelming victory.

    While we did not bring home the State Championship this year. We have so much too be thankful for. In the State Championship in the three rounds we were in, it was possible to win six awards. We are happy to report Forestbrook, in our first year, won "four" of them. In the first round, Dallas Strawn won the Most Effective Witness Award. In the second round, Joe Mateo won the Most Effective Attorney Award. In the third round Dante Moore won the Most Effective Attorney Award and Dallas Strawn again won the Most Effective Witness Award.

    This season in the one round at Regional and the two rounds at State Dallas won the Most Effective Witness Award every time. Dante Moore also won the Most Effective Attorney Award at both Regional and State.

    Eighteen team members, two attorneys and four coaches started back in September believing that hard work and team work would pay off in the end and we accomplished more than anyone would have imagined.

    None of this would have been possible without the commitment of Principal Margaret Sordian and Asst.Dr. Duquette, even to the point of accompanying us to both competitions, our two attorneys, Gene Vaught and Candice Lively, who put in more time than I thought possible, many of our Staff members through their patience, understanding and even donations. So many of our team members parents and guardians who donated, served as chaperones and committed to getting their student to every practice. Also, we can't forget our sponsors who made our journey so much easier. Lastly, we would like to thank our four coaches for their time, hard work and commitment to getting the team prepared to perform. Special thanks go to Stephanie Necessary and Tess Vega for stepping up and doing double duty in taking the team to State when two other coaches were sidelined.

    What a great year for our eighth graders to look back on and our sixth and seventh graders to build on.