• 2010-2011 Team Members

    Plaintiff's Team:

    Lead Attorney #1 (Opening Statement and Direct of Garrett Rutledge):
    Jessica Cox
    Lead Attorney #2 (Closing and Cross of Frankie Taylor): Michael Riga
    Attorney #3 (Direct of Dr. Perry Chandler and Cross of Charlie Anderson): Erin Murray
    Attorney #4 (Direct of Drew Cooper and Cross of Carson Hunnicutt): Jake Ammons

    Garrett Rutledge:
    Calie Glasgow
    Dr. Perry Chandler: Robby Meese
    Drew Cooper: Andrew Godfrey

    Time Keeper: Laura Sudowski
    Alternate Time Keeper: Vanessa Romo Perez and Kasey Anderson

    Defendant's Team:

    Lead Attorney  #1 (Opening Statement and Direct of Frankie Taylor):
    Erin Murray
    Lead Attorney #2 (Closing Argument and Cross of Garrett Rutledge): McKenzie Blackburn
    Attorney #3 (Direct of Charlie Anderson and Cross of Dr. Perry Chandler): Jessica Cox
    Attorney #4 ( Direct of Carson Hunnicutt and Cross of Drew Cooper):  Cinthia Zavala Ramos

    Defendant, Frankie Taylor:
      Mary Hanna Prock
    Charlie Anderson: Riana Rush
    Carson Hunnicutt: Kaitlyn Justice
    Alternate for Carson Hunnicutt: James Vitale

    Bailiff:Peyton Sutley
    Alternate Bailiff: Zach Pieterse and Kaitlyn Ward