• Conserve: Reuse

    Conserve: Reuse- Glue Stick Crayons Project

    Summary-Students will collect used glue sticks and old crayons in school recycling containers and use them to create new crayons formed in glue sticks. Students will peel the paper from the crayons, melt them down, and pour the melt into glue sticks to create a new, roll-up crayon. These will then be donated to our art department for students to use in classes. Depending on how many are created, some may be sold to raise money for science club projects.

    Education Components-We will learn about the impact of saving resources by reusing materials. This information will be presented to others through school-wide announcements, social media outlets, and online games to promote conservation of materials.

    Future Goals-Our science club hopes to reuse new materials each year for new projects. We hope to start small and build slowly with quality in mind as well as educating others and encouraging them to participate in projects with us. We have also discussed holding “project” days where we would either invite others to join us or go to science classrooms to teach a lesson on a “reuse” project idea having students create something of their own.