• Conserve: Recycle

    Conserve: Recycle-Recycling FMS Project

    Summary-For several years, students have noticed that our school has not been participating in recycling materials. They have decided it is past time to renew our recycling program and they have written and received a DHEC grant to start up our recycling program. We have purchased 23-gallon blue recycling bins for paper, aluminum, and plastic. We also have bins to collect other recyclables such as plastic bags, markers, glue sticks, batteries, and used tennis shoes. Bins are now set up in the cafeteria for students to recycle plastics and aluminum cans from their meals. We will be tracking how much recycling is collected to celebrate the improvement and conservation of our resources.

    Education Components-The science club will teach students, staff, and parents about the different resources that can be recycled through posters, announcements, social media, and simply by having the bins available with signs and posters to encourage recycling.

    Future Goals-We hope promote school-wide (and community) recycling and to start collecting more variety of items each year. There are so many items that can be recycled, we hope that if we can make everyone aware of all the possibilities and start slowly, that we will be able to build an exemplary recycling program. We would like to have students of each grade level be our “Recycling Team” that takes charge of the recycling program.