• Protect: Air

    Protect: Air-Plants in the Classroom Project

    Summary-Students study plants and air quality in science classes, and notice that our school has very few live plants in classrooms. They would like to begin donating live plants to every science classroom in the school this year, and eventually get to the point that every classroom has live plants to help improve the air quality of our school. The science club will purchase and propagate plants from others that are available. They will monitor the growth and donate plants to classrooms along with care instructions.

    Education Components-We will use Pothos (aka: Devil’s ivy) as our main propagation plant since it roots and multiplies easily. It also grows well indoors with low-level light and requires minimal care. Students will create a brochure to educate teachers and students about the type of plant, the reason for adding plants to classrooms, and how to care for the plant to ensure success.

    Future Goals-The science club would eventually like to have live plants in every classroom and office area of our school. We would also like to research the possibility of a “live plant wall” where we can grow a variety of plants and educate others on the benefits of live plants improving our air quality.