• Protect: Litter Prevention

    Protect: Litter Prevention-Keep FMS Clean Project

    Summary-Our students have noticed that there seems to be a moderate amount of litter on our school grounds, yet there are no trash or recycling containers available outside. The science club will collect litter around the school grounds twice a month and determine where the best place for containers would be. We will work with the custodial staff to collect outside trash and recycling and to improve the cleanliness of our school grounds.

    Education Components-We will study the trash patterns and which areas of our school grounds routinely have the largest amount of trash. We will keep track of the amount of trash collected each time we do a litter sweep and report back to the students and staff to not only educate them on the progress, but also to encourage everyone to use the containers and help keep our school clean!

    Future Goals-Our large goal is to have a completely clean, litter-free school grounds! We would like to have trash/recycling containers strategically placed in outside areas that will encourage others (even guests) to keep FMS clean.