• Restore: Soil

    Restore: Soil-Vermicomposting Project

    Summary-Our school has nearly 1300 people including students & staff that produce waste daily. Up to this point, we did not have any composting initiative and all of the waste was going to the trash cans, and eventually to the landfill. We feel that people don’t compost because they don’t know how to do it, and we would like to improve this by teaching people how very easy it is to compost.

    Education Components-Our science club will create signs, posters, and a power point presentation to help educate others on composting. This will teach people how to compost, what items can be composted, and how to use the compost once it is ready. We will create small vermicomposters using 2-liter plastic bottles, dirt, and composting materials (green & brown). The students will hold a project session for others to create their own vermicomposter.

    Future Goals-Our students would like to write a grant to help construct compost bins outside on school grounds where we can compost materials produced from our waste. We would like to collect food scraps from the cafeteria, leaves and other materials from the school grounds. Once the compost is ready, we will use the product to enhance gardens on our school grounds.