• Nurse's Office


    Communicable Disease

    Parents, please check your child's hair regularly for LICE. If you find lice in your child's hair, please treat and call the school nurse. The nurse must check your child before he/she can return to school.


    Per Horry County School District policy, we are not able to dispense ANY type of medication to students unless we have a signed Permission for Medication Form on file in our health room. Please read the guidelines listed below very carefully. They will be followed precisely. If you have any questions regarding the district policy, please call our school nurse, Amy Strickland at (843) 392-0697.

    Administration of Medication

    All medications must be brought to the school by an adult. No medication is to be brought on a school bus. All medication must be in the original container. Prescription medicines must be labeled by the pharmacist. If the dosage changes during the year, we cannot initiate the change until we receive a doctor's written order for prescription medications (fax accepted) or written change from the parent for non-prescription medications. Medications must be kept in the health room and must be adminisered by the nurse or approved school employee.

    Presciption Medication

    A Permission for Prescription Medication Form must be completed by the doctor prescribing the medication.  Written parental or legal guardian's permission for each medicine is required and maintained with the child's school health record using the Permission for Prescription Medication Form. These forms are available in the nurse's office.

    Individual pharmacy labeled bottle must be provided by the parent for each medication administered and must contain the student's name, date, medication name, dosage, strength, directions for use, physician's name, and pharmacy name and address. When the prescription is filled, ask the pharmacist for a bottle for school. They will be happy to do this.

    Non-Presciption Medication

    A student's parent may authorize the school to administer non-presciption medication for an individual student. Medication must be supplied by the parent in a currently labeled pharmacy container or drug manufacturer's original container. The authorization must be in writing and include the dosage and time medication is to be administered. Directions on over-the-counter packaging regarding age, dose , and frequency will be strictly followed.

    Emergency Medication

    Children with previous history of serious allergic reactions to known allergens such as bee stings should have written authorization, individually prescribed medication, protocols signed by the attending physician and follow all the other requirements for administration of prescribed medications.

    Students who visit the health room and have a temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher will be sent home. Students must be FEVER FREE (without the assistance of fever reducing medicine) for 24 hours before returning to school.