• Principal's Message



    Dear Parents and Students:


    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year. We look forward to a very productive school year for all our students at Green Sea Floyds Middle/High School. It is our goal to help each student achieve excellence in all academic, athletics, and other co-curricular activities.  Our focus is to serve all our students and establish a GSF standard of excellence we all can be proud of.  Our vision and culture we establish will be based on the belief of providing a first-class educational experience for all students with the model of Greatness, Service, and Family.


    We encourage all students to participate fully in academic and co-curricular activities at Green Sea Floyds Middle/High School.  We will support all students to do their best academically in all subjects so that future goals may be attained, and they can achieve Greatness.  Further, we offer a host of sports, clubs, and service-learning activities for students, this Service is a focus of our standard.  To do this, all students must practice life skills daily in all facets and promote the Family atmosphere we envision.


    We value the support of our parents in helping us educate the students of Green Sea Floyds Middle/High School. Please feel free to contact our faculty, guidance counselors, or administrators to discuss concerns or questions that you may have about your student’s education. Only by working together can we assure our school will achieve the standard of excellence we aspire to provide for our school community and give our young people all the opportunities they deserve.



    Nick Harris


    Green Sea Floyds Middle/High School