• Graduation Requirements


    Students must earn 24 required Carnegie units and pass HSAP to receive a SC high school diploma.  If at the end of the senior year a student has earned the required units but has not passed both parts of HSAP, he/she may enroll in Adult Education to receive further assistance and re-take the HSAP.  Students under the age of 21 may remain in high school and continue to get assistance until they pass the HSAP and receive a diploma.  After age 21, students may enter Adult Education but may not re-enroll in high school.

    The 24 units required for graduation are distributed as follows:

    English/Language Arts: 4 units
    Math: 4 units
    U.S. History and Constitution: 1 unit
    Economics (1/2 unit) & U.S. Government (1/2 unit): 1 unit
    Other Social Studies: 1 unit
    Natural Science: 3 units
    Computer Science (includes keyboarding): 1 unit
    Physical Education or JROTC: 1 unit
    Electives: 7 units
    * Other: 1 unit

    *For students in a college preparatory course of study, one additional unit must be earned in a foreign language.
    *For students in a vocational course of study designed to enter the work force, one additional vocational unit must be earned.