• High School Courses and Requirements


    South Carolina Board of Education (SBE) Regulation 43-234 lists requirements for public high school students to graduate with a South Carolina High School Diploma.

    Once legislative approval is granted to amend Regulation No. 43-234 DEFINED PROGRAM, GRADES 9–12 AND GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS, the graduation requirements beginning with the entering freshman class of 2023–24 will be as follows:


    Subject Area Credits
    English 4
    U.S. History 1
    Economics .5
    Government .5
    Other Social Studies 1
    Mathematics 4
    Sciences 3
    Computer Science 1
    Physical Education or JROTC or Marching Band with PE 1
    World Language or Career and Technology Elective 1
    Personal Finance .5
    Electives 6.5
    Total 24

    For a complete explanation of all graduation requirements, provisions for granting high school credit and dual credit, please refer to SBE Regulation 43-234: Defined Program, Grades 9-12 and Graduation Requirements.

    Additional Resources & Information

    SBE Regulation 43-234: Defined Program, Grades 9-12 and Graduation Requirements


    Entering sophomore, junior, and senior classes of 2023–24 requirements remain as follows:

    The 24 units required for graduation are distributed as follows:

    English/Language Arts: 4 units
    Math: 4 units
    U.S. History and Constitution: 1 unit
    Economics (1/2 unit) & U.S. Government (1/2 unit): 1 unit
    Other Social Studies: 1 unit
    Natural Science: 3 units
    Computer Science: 1 unit
    Physical Education or JROTC: 1 unit
    Electives: 7 units
    * Foreign Language or Career & Technology Education: 1 unit

    *For students in a college preparatory course of study, one additional unit must be earned in a foreign language.
    *For students in a vocational course of study designed to enter the work force, one additional vocational unit must be earned.

    South Carolina Department of Education Graduation Requirements