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    Advisors: Caitlyn Dean and Meagan Hooks


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    Welcome to the Academic Team club page.

    The Academic Team is a group of students who share the joy of learning through academic competition. This is a quick recall team for 9th through 12th grade students, and they compete annually during the fall semester. The competition involves rounds of quick questions and answers using a buzzer system. Teams earn points in each round in an effort to get to the championship round.

    Advisors' Emails: Caitlyn Dean and Meagan Hooks

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    Academic Team Members:

    Cheyenne Birdwell
    Grant Blevins
    Star Blevins
    John Brust 
    Tyler Buffkin
    Payton Clemons
    Keegan Davis
    Sabastian Ferich
    Aaron Ford
    Crystian Greene
    Ashton Kirsch
    Morgan Marlowe
    Chase Rhodes
    Joshua Slobodiak