• National Honor Society Membership Rules


    In order to qualify for nomination for membership in the National Honor Society through the Green Sea Floyds High School Chapter, there are four criteria.

    Scholarship: Academic qualifications prior to induction are that the student must have a 3.800 or above on the Weighted GPA Scale. The student must not have failed a course. The student must have passed all sections of the Horry County Schools Exit Exam (or its equivalent).

    Character: Obedience to school rules and civic laws is a requirement for National Honor Society members. For an academically eligible student who possesses no more than ONE minor disciplinary violation for which a maximum of one day of ISS was served (this does not pertain to OSS infractions) during his/her freshman or sophomore year, he or she may be considered for induction by the principal and the NHS Faculty Council.  If the student is accepted for induction, then the student will enter under probation where procedures for members on probation will then be followed.  (revised 10/08/07)

    Leadership: Demonstrating appropriate leadership skills are a requirement for National Honor Society membership. Members must hold office or take leadership roles in a school or community activity or organization.

    Service: Demonstrating service in volunteer activities is a requirement for National Honor Society membership. Members must participate in volunteer activities sponsored by a school or community organization and earn six service credit hours each semester. Juniors or seniors inducted must have an additional six hours to qualify for induction.