• Middle School Student Council

    Advisor: Kim Graham

    MS Student Council

    2017–2018 Middle School Student Council Members

    Advisor's Email:  Kim Graham


    8th Grade

    Hope Turner
    Abby Johnson
    Banks Lovett
    Isabella Jeter
    Elijah Herrington
    Seth Buffkin
    Hugh Strickland
    Tanner Buffkin
    Cam Strickland
    Gabby Grayson
    Laney Cox
    Storie Brogdon
    Jonah Elliott
    Ethan Strickland
    Kaden Watson
    Kate Bullard
    Holden Calder

    7th Grade

    Bailey Moore
    Kennedy Collins
    Peyton Besso
    Kylan Urban
    Ty Rhodes
    Natalie Spear
    Lili Johnson
    Owen Spivey
    Kai Watts
    Ben Thompson
    Eric Crawford
    Kimora Crawford

    6th Grade

    Blair Elliott
    Allyn Martin
    Aidyn Martin
    Raegan Mincey
    Eli Powell
    Georgiana Sims
    Abram Suggs
    Leah Williams

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    17th to 20th Christmas Dress-Up
    17th to 20th Candy Gram (During lunch each day) 

    9th Meeting 7:30
    23rd Meeting 7:30

    8th Fundraiser Dance 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
    13th Meeting 7:30
    27th Meeting 7:30

    13th Meeting 7:30
    14th Trojans Take the Town 4:30-6:30
    16th Color Run (Raise money for GSF)
    27th Meeting 7:30
    29th to 31st State Conference

    8th Senior Citizen Egg Hunt 9:30 a.m.
    10th Meeting 7:30
    24th Meeting 7:30

    3rd   Year-End Dance 5:30-8:30
    6th to 10th  Teacher Appreciation Week
    20th   6th and 9th Grade Orientation
    29    Final Meeting 7:30