• SOAR Academy

    SOAR Academy is a student-focused program school located within the Horry County School District.

    Our Mission

    The SOAR Academy's mission is to prepare students to return successfully to the regular school setting by improving academic performance and character.

    Our Objectives

    • To have 100% of students remain in school until graduation or achievement of their individually prescribed program
    • To have 100% of students demonstrate positive self-esteem and tolerance of individual differences
    • To have 100% of students achieving at their appropriate grade level
    • To provide presentations/consultants/counselors for training students and staff to assist in guiding the participants in making the right choices and realizing their own resiliency
    • To assure professional growth for all staff members through a comprehensive staff development program
    • To assure all students meet the criteria in academics, attendance, and behavior to return successfully to the regular school setting
    • To prevent violence and other delinquent activities by at-risk youth

    Our Tactics

    • To provide a nurturing environment conducive to learning
    • To provide ongoing academic instruction to meet individual student needs
    • To provide supportive academic and social counseling
    • To improve student behaviors to the degree that the student will be able to return to the regular school site for instruction
    • To develop a personalized learning plan for each student