• Volunteer Information


    Do you have an hour a week? Volunteering at a school can have a positive impact of the academic success of a child. Contact a school in your neighborhood or call 365-3777 for more information. You may also send an Email.

    How can I help?

    • Serve as an academic tutor or homework helper
    • Serve as a literacy tutor
    • Be a reading buddy, book buddy, or reading friend
    • Help with writing assignments
    • Play instructional games
    • Be a penpal or email pal
    • Be an ESOL coach or practice vocabulary with non-English speaking students.
    • Share expertise in creative arts or recreational activities
    • Answer phones
    • Run copies
    • Help in library, guidance, or nurse's office
    • Assist with developing teaching materials
    • Monitor hallway, playgrounds, or cafeterias
    • Monitor testing
    • Assist in producing the school newsletter or student publishing center
    • Chaperone school trips
    • Help with fundraising activities

    Steps to become a HCS Volunteer


    Volunteer applications are now being processed online. There are 2 ways for parents to start the process of their application. #1 they can enter through info snap when they register or #2 they can visit HCS website. Here are the steps for parents to process their application from HCS website:

    Step 1- Select Departments

    Step 2- Click on Human Resource

    Step 3- Select Volunteer application

    Step 4- Click on I want to volunteer

    Step 5- Read the statement and click on I want to volunteer

    Step 6 - Read the next statement and click on continue

    Step 7- Read the disclosure and type in name and date of birth. Don’t forget to click on I agree then click continue

    Step 8- Type personal information such as address, phone no, social security #, and email address. ALL APPLICANTS MUST HAVE A SOCIAL SECURITY NO. AND EMAIL ADDRESS TO PROCESS THE APPLICATION

    Step 9- Select the schools and children to be associated with and the reason for volunteering. Click I am done with this step and the application will be submitted to for review.

    Q & A

    1. What happens after the application is submitted? Applicants will receive an email immediately that states their application is being processed. The application will be sent to the school’s volunteer coordinator, Martina Moore, and after application is released it will be submitted to the Background Investigation Bureau (BIB). Applicants will then receive a second email after the application is processed stating whether they were approved or not approved. I will be able to see the results on my side as well. When an applicant has been approved, within 7 days he/she will receive a volunteer card in the mail. This card lasts for 2 years. Volunteers will need to bring this card with them any time they are volunteering.
    2. Can volunteers bring a copy of their card for proof of clearance? No, they must have the actual card with the authentic BIB symbol.
    3. Who do I call if Im not approved? BIB will provide a toll free # within the email and by mail.
    4. Can I call the school or district volunteer coordinator if Im not approved? No, applicants must contact the toll free # given within the email or by mail.
    5. What does BIB check? They perform a criminal background check as well as sexual offense registry search using a National database.
    6. Do I have to fill out another application if I’ve been district approved within the last 2 years? Volunteers who have been approved are fine for this school year. As of July 1st they will need to complete this process again online.
    7. Do I have to fill out multiple applications if I have more than one child at this school? No, the system will only allow one application per applicant. There is a field within the application for an applicant to add a child. First, add a school then add multiple children.
    8. Do I have to fill out an application for different schools within Horry County? No one application is required per applicant. See question #7 for more information.
    9. How long does the process take for me to be approved? 2-4 business days, but the process can take longer if an applicant has lived in multiple states.

    I will send this information home to parents next week. It will be attached to the newsletter. It will also be online as well as Facebook. If you have any questions that I didn’t answer please let me know so I can include them in my Q&A before I send home to parents.


    Martina M. Moore

    Guidance Counselor