• Team Accomphishments

             Our 2013-2014 team was one of our most talented groups. We had 40 students who qualified for the team which was made up of the top 24 shooters from our shootout. The team won the district championship and was ranked number one in the state. At the district championship the following three students received individual awards: AJ Golden - 1st place, AJ Rikard - 3rd place and Julianna Macanas -3rd place. 

            Our team lived up to their first place ranking and won the state championship. Winning both the district and state championships will be a special memory for these students. We had one shooter, Emma Haynes, win the individual state championship. 

            The team competed in the national championship feeling very confident. We had a great showing with a 13th place finish. Dylan Carter shot his best competitive score and placed 5th overall.  We are extremely proud of this team’s accomplishments. They have set the bar high for future teams.

            A special thanks to Michael Householder. Coach Householder played a major role in our team’s success. His expertise helped develop the quality of our team. Coach Householder was an excellent role model for our shooters. He demonstrated commitment and dedication to be the best you can be. Thanks Coach Householder for these lasting memories.