• Team Accomplishments


              The 2014-2015 archery team had big shoes to fill. This group was both talented and coachable. The team went into the regional championship not knowing what to expect and won the championship without any individual winners. The team had excellent shooters with each member of the team contributing to the victory. The team was ranked number one in the state for the second year in a row.

              At the state championship, the team pulled together again and won the second state championship for our school. The head ranger recognized the students’ excellent shooting performance. He said to me, “they all shoot well, not one shooter standing out as your best.” I am very proud of all the shooters’ performances. Winning our second championship without one shooter placing in the top three demonstrated a true team effort.

             The shooters continued to improve and earned some of their individual best scores at the national championship. Our team finished 18th in the nation. This was a special group and a fun group to coach. We enjoyed every tournament.