• Science Safety Guidelines

    In order for students to benefit from science kit instruction, the following safety guidelines have been implemented at Midland Elementary School...

    Safety Contract

    I am learning to be a good scientist. I know that I must be organized, neat, and well behaved in the science classroom.  I promise to:

    • Prepare All Activities:  I will listen to directions and make sure I understand before I start.  I will only work at my assigned station. 
    • Care for Equipment:  I will handle objects carefully.  I will not eat, drink, or taste anything in science class.  This includes food and drink as well as other items.  I will use my science materials only for science activities.  I will not play with things like rubber bands, paperclips, or powders. 
    • Follow Directions:  I will wait until I receive my teacher's permission to begin an activity.  I will do each step in order and I will not try unknown things. 
    • Observe Carefully:  I will be as quiet and calm as possible so that I can learn more.
    • Explore Carefully:  I will explore using the senses of touch, smell, sight, and hearing.  When using powders, I will try not to make dust because someone might breathe it.  I will try not to touch my eyes when I am working, in case there is something on my hands that should not get in my eyes.
    • Keep Careful Records:  I will record my observations by writing or drawing on my record sheets.
    • Clean Up Afterwards:  I will put away my equipment when I am done and wash my hands and my workspace.
    • Follow All Additional Safety Rules.
    • Report Accidents:  I will report any injury or accident to my teacher immediately. 
    • I will share good science safety with students and family so that I can be a good investigator.