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  • Emergency Notice:  Due to the COVID-19 statewide closure of all school facitlities Playcard will be non-operational until April 30.  All field trips have been cancelled during this time period.  Baby Animal Day and Bio-blitz are cancelled.  Please see our online video series Forever Wild! (link) for an alternative to visiting. 

    We hope everyone stays safe and well during this time.  Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.


    Price for day trips $3 per student, no charge for chaperones.

    Price for overnight camp is $15 per person. 

    Arrival for day trips is after 9am.

    Please use the updated Use of Facility Form to process payments.

    Playcard is committed to fostering knowledge of the relatedness of plants, animals, soil, water, and human beings through teaching the natural sciences in the special world of a blackwater swamp. Although primarily focused on Horry County, it can provide a model for environmental education centers across the Southeast.

    At Playcard Environmental Education Center our goal is to instruct students in the natural sciences on-site, enabling them to experience first-hand the inter-relationships of living things. Teachers receive training which enhances their effectiveness in the classroom by increasing their knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching. The Center also provides a site for observation and study by various scientific disciplines.

    In addition to natural science programs, the Education Center provides experiential leadership challenge course opportunities. Playcard facilitates day field trips, overnight camp-outs, special events, and teacher staff development.

    Internship opportunities are available through a partnership between Horry County Schools, Coastal Carolina University, and the Horry County Conservation Foundation.

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Ben Abercrombie 
10729 Highway 19 West, Loris, SC
Email: babercrombie@horrycountyschools.net
Phone: 843.756.1277

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