• Learning Villages

    Myrtle Beach Primary School is dedicated to fulfilling its mission to ensure that all students become independent problem solvers, lifelong learners, and responsible members of society through collaborative educational experiences which are meaningful, challenging, and developmentally appropriate.  To help fulfill this mission, we will organize ourselves into three Learning Villages beginning with the 2010-2011 school year. 

    Each Learning Village will be comprised of second and first-grade students, with second-grade students remaining in the same village for two years.  Each Learning Village will have its own hall and a team of educators to include second and third grade teachers, a Gifted and Talented teacher, a learning support teacher, at least one pair of co-teachers, at least two special educators, at least one technology support teacher, at least two specially trained ELL teachers, and at least one teacher who is an expert in art integration.

    How will Learning Villages help us fulfill our mission?   Educational psychology explains when students feel they belong, they have an enhanced sense of worth and increased self-confidence. On the other hand, if students feel they do not belong, they feel helpless and like they have no sense of control over their environment. Goode (1993) found that when children felt they belonged, they were more motivated, had higher expectations of success, and believed in the value of their academic work.  Youngsters who are in the second and third grade are developing a self-concept, and a sense of belonging is important to the development of a healthy self-concept.  Thus, it is very important for every child to feel strongly that he/she belongs at Myrtle Beach Primary School - in the classroom, in the Learning Village, and in the school.

    Our Learning Villages will be focused on fostering a sense of belonging.  Myrtle Beach Primary School students change schools twice as much as students in traditional CD – 5 schools.  Myrtle Beach Primary School students have twice as many peers in the same grade as students in many traditional CD – 5 schools.  Learning Villages will foster relationships between and among students as they will be seeing one another regularly, parents and students will have the opportunity to develop relationships with first and second-grade teachers simultaneously, and teachers will have the opportunity to develop relationships with students over two years as opposed to one.  Learning Villages will create consistency as children will follow similar schedules for two years and work with the same team of support teachers (if applicable).

    Myrtle Beach Primary School invites comments and questions about the Learning Villages from parents and community members.  Please feel free to contact Mrs. Michelle Greene-Graham - MGraham@horrycountyschools.net