• 1st & 2nd Grade Mathematics


         Myrtle Beach Primary utilizes the Everyday Mathematics program in both first and second grade.  Everyday Mathematics offers students a broad background in mathematics that emphasizes the application of mathematics to real-world situations.  The lesson structure includes time for whole group instruction as well as small group, partner, or individual activities.  Several features of the program are described below to help familiarize you with the structure and expectations of the program.

         A problem-solving approach based on everyday situations – students learn basic math skills in meaningful contexts so mathematics becomes “real.”

         Frequent practice of basic skills – instead of the “traditional” paper and pencil drill and practice, students are provided with a variety of engaging ways to practice basic math facts.  Students are given opportunities to complete daily review exercises covering a variety of topics and play games that are specifically designed to develop basic skills.

         An instructional approach that revisits concepts regularly ­– the lessons are designed to build upon concepts and skills taught throughout the school year.  Students will regularly revisit previously learned concepts.