• 1st & 2nd Grade Social Studies


    First Grade Social Studies

         First-grade students will focus on “Communities Here and Across the World.”  During social studies, students will explore cultural diversity, local communities, local governments, continents and nations, and supply and demand.  You can help your child learn these concepts by doing some of the following activities:  take a walk or drive through your community and discuss the natural features you see, such as water features, hills, or forests; use a map to name the continents, find United States on the map; talk about how police officers enforce laws and what other community officials do in our community. 

    Second Grade Social Studies

    Second-grade students will journey through South Carolina history during the year.  Throughout their journey they will learn about South Carolina within the framework of the following topics:  “The places and regions in South Carolina and the role of human systems”; “The exploration and settlement of South Carolina”; “The American Revolution in South Carolina”; “The Civil War and Reconstruction”; and “South Carolina in the late 19th Century and the 20th Century.”