• Paula Bryan

    Art Teacher


                                                            Hello, my name is Paula Bryan.

    When I graduated from The University of Mount Olive in 1990 I had no idea what I wanted to do with this art degree that I had in hand. So, I went to Disney World and got a job. I worked for the Disney company for 10 years gaining valuable creative, corporate and life experiences. When the millennium rolled around, I decided that I was ready to teach art. I have had the privilege of teaching art to elementary students in Florida, Johnston County, North Carolina and now Myrtle Beach.
      I love art because the subject lends itself to so many creative links. It is not just about the technical skills, it's about learning to think outside the box creatively. During a school year, my goals include: introducing and discussing famous artists, works of art, elements of art, principals of design and proper use of variety of art materials. I also provide encouragement to help students feel more secure about their personal creative growth. Lastly, I use art ideas to gain a better understanding of subjects that are being discussed in the classroom.  It's a jam-packed 45 minutes. This is why you may not see weekly artwork from your child. Usually, I introduce the topic and help the students plan their projects during one lesson and the give them a couple of class periods to complete the project.
      I am so proud to be a member of the Seahawk family and I am looking forward to another fantastic year at MBE!