Attendance Information

  • MBHS makes every effort to inform students and parents about their child’s attendance; including, daily call outs, emails, class meetings and progress reports. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to know your child’s attendance and adhere to the attendance laws. Parents and students have 24/7 access to their child’s attendance through PowerSchool.

    • Lawfully excused absences include medical, judicial, religious, bereavement, principal approved, fieldtrips and suspensions. Documentation will need to be provided within three (3) school days after the student returns for these absences to be lawful.
    • Unlawful unexcused absences include parent notes, cutting class, skipping school or leaving school without permission.



    A student under the age of 17 who misses three (3) Unexcused consecutive days or five (5) Unexcused total days within an entire school year is deemed truant and will be placed on an Attendance Intervention Plan (AIP). Violation of an AIP may result in school district intervention and court ordered attendance to school.



    To receive credit in each course, a student may not exceed five (5) or more Unexcused absences per semester course, three (3) or more unexcused absences per quarter course or ten (10) or more absences in a yearlong course. Students may attend Attendance Recovery to clear an FA. If an FA is not made up before the end of the school year, the student does not receive credit for the class. See dates for Attendance Make Up below.



    Every student is to join the MBHS Student Attendance Google Classroom for important announcements, make up times and helpful information using the Join Code 54rmvw.



    Tami Watts, Attendance Secretary,, Phone: 843 445-2040
    Michael Rutenberg, Assistant Principal, Email:, Phone: 843 839-7151