• Substitute Workshops (2019-2020)


    Upcoming substitute workshops: The next Substitute  Workshop can be seen on the schedule below.

      Hiring for all subs: Teacher, Nurses, Paras, Custodial and Cafeteria ( unless otherwise noted)

      Application posting and workshop dates for the 2019-2020 school year will be updated prior to June 2019. 


    Substitute Workshop Date                                                                Job Online Application Posting Date:

         July 30th, 2019                                                                                               CLOSED

      September 17th, 2019                                                                         August 1 - August 16, 2019

      October 29th, 2019                                                                         September 15- September 30, 2019



    Please continue to monitor our website once additional workshops become available.  

    Please complete an online application and submit the necessary documentation as listed below. 

    In order to have a complete application, you must submit ALL of the following: 

    After you have submitted your complete application, you will receive an e-mail from Accurate Background to complete a background check.

    Please note that you will not be able to apply to attend the workshop until the posting date.  The workshop will be posted until the maximum capacity has been met.

    Substitute Requirements

    • Substitute Teacher - Bachelor's Degree
    • Substitute Paraprofessional - Associate’s Degree/60 credit hours/Paraprofessional/WorkKeys test (transcripts/diploma required).
    • Substitute Cafeteria/Custodian - High School Diploma
    • Substitute Nurse:  South Carolina RN License

    If you have additional questions, please contact:

    Valarie Bessant, Substitute System Manager
    Phone: 843.488.6864 Fax:  843.488.7795
    E-mail:  vbessant@horrycountyschools.net

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is there a waiting list to become a substitute?
    No, we do not keep a waiting list for substitutes. If you are a certified teacher, please apply for the substitute workshop as well as any appropriate teacher vacancies.

    How long will the sub workshop be posted?

    The sub workshop is only available online for a short period of time until it reaches capacity.

    What are the requirements to become a substitute?
    Please note the NEW requirements for substitutes has changed and is as follows:

    • Substitute Teacher - Bachelor's Degree
    • Substitute Paraprofessional - Associate’s Degree/60 credit hours/Paraprofessional test (transcripts/diploma required).
    • Substitute Cafeteria/Custodian - High School Diploma

    How can I take the paraprofessional assessment tests?

    Please click here for additional information.

    Is there a cost for the substitute workshop?

    No, there is no cost to attend the substitute workshop.

    How long does the substitute workshop last?
    The substitute workshop usually lasts between 8:00am – 12:00pm.

    How do I become a cafeteria/custodian substitute?
    Please apply for the substitute cafeteria/custodian vacancies posted online.

    Can I submit a paper application?
    No, paper applications are NOT accepted. If you need assistance applying online, or attaching documents, please visit the HR Office located at 335 Four Mile Road, Conway, SC, 29526.

    If I apply to attend the workshop am I automatically considered a sub?
    NO, an application submitted to the workshop does not guarantee a spot or employment as a substitute. Correspondence from HR will go out to each applicant as their credentials are checked and background checks are processed.