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    Assignment- Research the parts of the power plant, who uses the energy source, amount of the energy source produced, as well as the advantages and the disadvatages of your chosen alternative energy source.

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    Assignment is below:

    Power Plant Research Project

    Introduction: We often take it for granted that when we plug in an appliance, there will be electricity readily available. We rarely think about where the electricity comes from and how it is produced. In South Carolina we get the majority of our electricity from Santee Cooper’s Winyah coal fired power plant.  Coal is only one source that helps generate electricity in a power plant. From your classmates and your research, you will find there are many more.

    Challenge:  For this activity you may work alone or with a partner of your choice (groups will have no more than 2 people per group). You will research and diagram a type of alternative power plant and discover how electricity is generated using that alternative power source.

    Alternative Power Sources: There will be a maximum of 2 groups researching any energy type.

    -wind energy

    -solar energy

    -geothermal energy

    - bio energy

    -Ocean waves/ tidal energy

    -Nuclear energy (energy from atoms)

    -Energy from hydrogen fuel


    Research Project requirements:

    Research Notes:

    Instead of writing a paper to go along with your presentation, you will learn to utilize research notes. Ms. Keeter will show you in the CRL how take research notes for your presentation and how to cite them using Easybib.

    1)      You should have a minimum of three resources. You may use websites, but you must use at least one book as a resource.  Wikipedia is not to be used as a source.

    Prezi Presentation

    Presentation should be between 10-15 slides

    1)      An introduction slide with group member names

    2)      2 slides to explain how the power plant works (what does your energy source use? )

    3)      2 diagrams of power plant (external view and internal view)

    4)      2 graphs (one comparing who produces and one comparing who uses the energy source)

    5)      1 slide for negative environmental impacts (or benefits if there aren’t many negatives)

    6)      1 slide for negative social impacts on neighboring communities

    7)      1 slide encouraging the use of your power plant.

    Diagrams of the power plant should include:

    1)      Clearly distinguishable components

    2)      Clear, legible labels

    3)      Diagrams should be of adequate size (big enough to be seen from back of the room when in the PowerPoint presentation)

    4)      Any fuels/ resources necessary for operation should be shown.

    Oral Presentation

    1)      Student will present their research findings to the class. The presentation must be at least five minutes long.

    2)      Each person in a group must take part in the oral presentation of their power plant for at least two minutes of presentation.

    3)      Because this topic can be quite complex, make sure you explain at a level a fourth or fifth grader could understand.

    4)      Be prepared to answer questions from your classmates and Ms. Roman.

    5)      Research notes will need to be handed in the day of your presentation.